Does Matt Choose Sydney or Bri on ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

ABC Matt Donald

Matt Donald is forced to make a tough decision on the latest episode of Bachelor In Paradise. He has to decide whether he wants to give his rose to Sydney Lotuaco, his first date, or Bri Barnes, the contestant he’s currently involved with. Does Matt choose to reconcile with Sydney? Or does he choose to stay with Bri?

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens to Matt Donald and who he decides to give his rose to on season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise.

Matt was optimistic heading into the season, and he said that he was confident that he would find love. “If Paradise is offered I would definitely go. I believe in this process and could see myself falling in love there,” he told People. “I mean… There are so many past contestants I wouldn’t mind seeing there! I don’t have anyone specific in mind because I haven’t really met or had a true conversation with any of them but they’re all gorgeous! Every single contestant on the show is gorgeous so that’s not a concern by any means, in terms of attraction.”

Matt got off to an awkward start with Sydney. While the latter made it clear that she wanted to kiss him, Matt insisted that he wasn’t comfortable kissing on the first date because his mother was watching. It remains to be seen whether he meant it or not, because he didn’t have a problem kissing Bri on their first date. In fact, he kissed Bri multiple times during their first date. Not only did this upset Sydney, but it jeopardized her status on the show, given that Matt was her best chance at finding love.

Matt Donald Chooses to Give His Rose to Bri Barnes During the September 9 Episode

Reality Steve reports that Matt decides to give his rose to Bri. He doesn’t get back together with Sydney, which leaves her on the outs. Matt and Bri head into the final episode as a couple, where they must choose to either break up or go on an overnight date. Matt and Bri opt to break up, with Reality Steve writing that it’s Bri who calls it off.

Is Matt currently dating anyone now? Bustle reports that the Bachelor alum is in fact single, despite being friendly with Sydney on social media. On August 19, Sydney wrote that when she was attempting to be a courteous driver and allow a pedestrian to cross the street, she got flipped off.

Matt jokingly replied, “She probably has been watching BIP and disgruntled with all the drama you have been stirring up.” Sydney quickly tweeted back, “Ya, you’re probably right.” Tune into to watch Bachelor In Paradise tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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