Is Steve Gold Married? No, He’s Dating Luiza Gawlowska

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Instagram Steve Gold, Luiza Gawlowska and their daughter Rose

Steve Gold is one of the featured real estate agents on Bravo’s reality TV show Million Dollar Listing New York. He joined the Corcoran Group in 2018 and formerly worked as a model.

Gold’s dating life has long been of interest to fans of the show. In an earlier season, Gold discussed on-camera how he found dating challenging.

But his luck turned around during a flight to London in August of 2018. That’s where he met Luiza Gawlowska. She was working as an art consultant in London at the time that they met. Gawlowska was originally from Poland.

The couple moved in together in February of 2019 and kept their relationship largely under wraps. Gold and Gawlowska have not yet tied the knot.

But Gold has said he fully intends on asking Gawlowska to marry him. They welcomed a baby girl on June 6, 2019, named Rose Gold.

Here’s what you need to know.

Steve Gold & Luiza Gawlowska Exchanged Numbers After Meeting By Chance On the Plane to London

Steve Gold Dishes on His Baby & Girlfriend | WWHLSteve Gold from #MDLNY tells Andy Cohen all about his relationship with girlfriend Luiza Gawlowska and their baby girl Rose Gold, including how the two met and if marriage is on the horizon. ►► Subscribe To WWHL: Watch WWHL Sun-Thu 11/10c: WWHL Website:… Follow WWHL: Like WWHL:… WWHL Tumblr: 'Watch…2019-08-13T04:16:53.000Z

Steve Gold says his first encounter with Luiza Gawlowska was by “happenstance.” Both he and Gawlowska were flying from New York to London in August of 2018. He was sitting in the front of the plane and she was in the back.

Gold explained during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that he didn’t meet Gawlowska until they were about to exit the plane. He said that as they were getting ready to leave, the flight attendants told the passengers they couldn’t depart just yet.

Gawlowsk ended up sitting down in front of Gold to wait. He introduced himself to her, and they ended up exchanging numbers. Gold says they met up the next day.

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Gold told US Weekly in March of 2019 that he wouldn’t call it love at first sight, but a very strong interest at first glance. “I think love at first sight is lust at first sight. It was definitely that, but there’s so much more than just how someone looks, I think, when it comes to finding a partner for life.”

Gawlowska added in that interview that Gold expressed his emotions very quickly. Their follow-up dates took place in Monte Carlo and Ibiza. Gawlowska said that while they were on Ibiza, Gold joked to her, “we have a problem.” When she asked why, Gold responded, “I think we’re in love with each other.”

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, shortly before Season 8 of Million Dollar Listing debuted, Gold teased that fans would get a chance to see how his relationship with Gawlowska played out. He said in the interview, “I’m excited for people to see how I fell in love with her.”

During the first episode of Season 8, Gold said that during the first few months of their relationship, he and Gawlowska saw each other once every four weeks. She moved to New York in February of 2019.

Luiza Gawlowska Is a London Native, Worked as an Art Consultant & Speaks Five Languages

Despite dating someone in the spotlight, Luiza Gawlowska has kept much of the details of her own life out of the public eye. She is originally from London. One of the dogs seen on the show in Gold’s apartment, named Tiger, is Gawlowska’s dog.

During episode 4 of Season 8 of Million Dollar Listing, when Gold was shown on the phone with Gawlowska, it was put on the screen that her career was as an art consultant. Gawlowska mentions on the phone call that she works for a gallery.

Gold also shared during the scene that Gawlowska speaks five languages, is a “master chess player” and tends to be shy.

Gawlowska and Gold have had to deal with “internet trolls,” as explained on Bravo’s website. Gold said he and his girlfriend received some criticism about their age difference. (He is 34 and Gawlowska is 26). Gold added in an US Weekly interview that he had never been bothered by online criticism before, but that he wants to protect his girlfriend from that kind of public scrutinty. Gawlowska told the magazine, “I always wanted to be private and I thought there would be no need to change it ever, even if I would be with Steve… Sometimes I’m just shocked that people can [comment], because they don’t even know me.”

Steve Gold & Luiza Gawlowska Kept the Pregnancy a Secret From the Public Until Their Daughter Was Born

Steve Gold explained on What What Happens Live that he and Gawlowska told their families that they were expecting a baby. But they chose to keep that information private from the public throughout her pregnancy. Gold said that he did not share the happy news with his Million Dollar Listing castmates because they can be “blabby.”

Gold instead chose to celebrate the news that he had become a father on Instagram. He shared a photo of his newborn daughter’s feet when she arrived on June 6, 2019. He wrote in part, “It’s been so tough to keep such a big part of my life under wraps, and I want to thank everyone who respected our privacy along the way. But now, after staring down and seeing those perfect little eyes looking back up at me for the first time makes me so excited for this incredible new chapter. I can’t wait for all the adventures and memories we are going to make. Welcome to the world Baby Rose. We love you so much!”

The world got its first glimpse of Rose’s face in July of 2019. The couple chose to again open up to US Weekly about becoming parents. Gawlowska shared that she’s the more protective parent while Gold is more relaxed.

Gold first suggested the name Rose, explaining that it was his great-grandmother’s name. Gawlowska said she immediately agreed, saying that she “loves the combination of Rose Gold.”

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In August of 2019, Gold spoke with Entertainment Tonight about how his life had changed since becoming a father. He admitted to feeling nervous during the pregnancy, especially about how to juggle work and parenthood. But he said the nerves dissipated once Rose was born. “I kind of had this odd sense of calmness that I never felt in my life before… the baby’s doing great. We’re doing great. It’s, like, a whole new life. Something I always wanted and now I get to experience it. It’s incredible.”

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