Susan Olsen Age & Height 2019: How Old & Tall Is She?

Getty Susan Olsen of the Brady Bunch

Susan Olsen achieved worldwide fame as a star on the beloved sitcom The Brady Bunch. She’s joined forces with the other surviving cast members for A Very Brady Renovation, which sees them return to the real-life “Brady” house. This has led many fans to look into Olsen’s age, and how old she was when she acted was on the sitcom.

Olsen is 58 years old. She was born on August 14, 1961 in Santa Monica, California. She made her screen debut on the television series Ironside in 1968, when she was seven years old. She made subsequent appearances on Gunsmoke and The Magical World of Disney, but she didn’t become a star until she was cast as Cindy on The Brady Bunch. She was a main cast member during the 1972-73 seasons.

Olsen Is 58 Years Old & Has Been Performing Since She Was 7

Olsen has appeared in all of the Brady Bunch reunion movies with the exception of 1988’s A Very Brady Christmas. She was on a honeymoon with her first husband, Steve Ventimiglia, and was unable to return in time to film a cameo. Olsen also reprised her role as Cindy in the short lived CBS spin-off series The Bradys.

During a recent FOX interview, Olsen talked about her time on the sitcom and how she has fond memories of her fellow cast members. “We have a ridiculously good relationship. We get along better than we did when we were filming The Brady Bunch,” she said. “It was a really, really happy time filming that series, but it was also a love/hate relationship for those who wanted to continue acting because there was some typecasting involved. But I think we all learned with time that there’s something really precious about the show. And the truth is, it continues to make people happy.”

Olsen Is 5’2″ & the Shortest Cast Member of the Original ‘Brady Bunch’

Olsen also talked about the impact that her character has had on pop culture, and how she was grateful for the opportunity she was given as a child. “Sebastian Bach once told me, ‘Dude, you are part of people’s childhoods, but you’re the good part. How could you ever, ever have a problem with that?’ And he’s right,” she conceded. “I’ve met so many people from over the years who told me the show saved their lives… It’s just really amazing.”

Olsen, who continues to make art as an adult, said that it was important for her to step away from the spotlight for a period of time. “I dealt with it by quitting. I left the business. I didn’t want to put up with that. I wanted out of that. And I later realized acting wasn’t really my medium… I later pursued life as a graphic and fine artist.”

According to Celeb Heights, Olsen is 5’2″. This makes her the shortest cast member to appear on the original Brady Bunch. Maureen McCormick, who played Marsha, is 5’3″, while Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby, stands at 5’8″.

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