Tayshia Adams & John Paul Jones Are Back Together

Tayshia and JPJ


Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones were a fan favorite couple this season on Bachelor In Paradise, but what happens to the couple after paradise ends?

Read on, but beware of spoilers!

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It’s no surprise that John Paul Jones, otherwise known as JPJ, fell hard for Tayshia. She’s smart, beautiful, and a total catch. Last week on the show, we watched JPJ prepare an adorable prom for Tayshia (she had previously told him she’d never gone to her high school prom.) His DIY prom included crowns, dancing, and champagne. But when Chris Harrison announced it was time for couples to decide whether they wanted to take it to the next level with overnight dates, Tayshia broke things off. She told JPJ she couldn’t see things long term. It was an emotional moment, made all the more emotional after she ran down the beach to give him a final goodbye hug.

Speaking to ET at BIP’s season six finale taping, Adams was asked why she broke things off JPJ. She shared, “Honestly, I felt like I’d made a really big mistake letting someone go that genuinely cared about me, but also I knew that my heart wasn’t there, so I didn’t wanna lead him on or anything…”

Are They Still Dating?

The question remains: are JPJ and Tayshia (or Tayshia Paul Jones as Bachelor Nation has come to call them) still together?

A preview for tonight’s finale episode shows Adams telling host Chris Harrison that she flew back to Maryland and asked Jones for a second chance once filming on BIP ended.

“I talked to my mom about it and I decided I wanted to go after him,” she shared. “I’m a bold girl.”

Reality Steve has said that, on the show, viewers even get to watch Tayshia fly to JPJ’s place and tell him she wants to give things another shot. At the reunion show, they will share with audiences that they are currently an item.

4 Couples Take The Overnight Date & ‘The Bachelor’ Begins Filming

So which four couples do end up taking things to the next level? Demi and Kristian, Dylan and Hannah, Clay and Nicole, and Chris and Katie all agree to go on overnight dates. However, on what Chris Harrison refers to as “Decision Day”, Reality Steve spills that Clay and Nicole call it quits because Clay won’t tell Nicole he’s in love with her.

Now that BIP is all wrapped up, that leaves another season of The Bachelor, where 30 women will be vying for the heart of Peter Weber, aka Pilot Pete. What do we know about Peter’s season so far?

According to the International Business Times, Peter is slated to start filming the show on Friday, September 20. His first dates will take place between September 22 and 24. In true Reality Steve fashion, the TV blogger already has the rundown on Peter’s women.

Reality Steve adds on that this yearThe Bachelor will be visiting Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru…. with a potential visit to Australia.

Be sure to tune in to the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise airing tonight on ABC at 8pm ET/PT.

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