‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Spoilers: Cast of Contestants Revealed Early

The Bachelor 2020 Cast

ABC/Aaron Poole

The 2020 star of The Bachelor is announced on the 2019 reunion episode of Bachelor in Paradise, but, ahead of the announcement, the new cast of contestants was revealed. But, before we get into all the cast details and who the next star of The Bachelor is, THIS IS YOUR SPOILERS WARNING. If you don’t want to know any information on the new contenders or who the new star of the show is, STOP READING NOW.

With that out of the way, let’s get started.

Who Is “The Bachelor” 2020?

Hannah Had Sex With Peter on The Bachelorette

ABC/Ed HerreraPictured: Peter Weber

Peter Weber has been a fan-favorite from The Bachelorette and a front-runner for the gig and, according to Reality Steve, he is the new star. Reality Steve reported that the announcement was to be made on the reunion and he said, “they finally make the official announcement that Peter is the Bachelor and they bring him on stage. He says what pretty much every guy getting introduced in that role says with the he’s ready to find love, the process works, he’s so excited, and he even got emotional on stage talking about it.”

The show is already in production, but The Bachelor will not premiere until January 2020. It’s usually the first Monday of the month, which means that it’s air date may be January 6, 2020. According to Cinema Blend, finale spoilers for the upcoming season are usually released by Reality Steve in November, prior to the season airing.

“The Bachelor” 2020 Cast

There are 33 women who have been revealed and you can have a look at all of them in the above post. According to Reality Steve, one woman to take note of is Kelley Flanagan, who actually met Weber at a wedding prior to The Bachelor. Reality Steve stated that, “They hit it off and she told him she was going to be on his season. I have no details beyond that. I have no idea if they made out, slept together, etc. But now that it’s known publicly they are both aware of each other and just recently met, will be interesting to see if it’s brought up on the show.”

Another person to look out for is contestant Sarah Coffin. Reality Steve has reported that she is a front-runner, revealing, “She could end up being the worst human ever and the villain of the show. I have no idea. I’d be surprised if that were the case, but I can’t see Sarah going home anytime soon. Would be really surprised if she doesn’t at least make hometowns. We’ll see.”

Reality Steve reported that the cast was revealed by ABC early and that not all of the women revealed will make it to the premiere. He wrote, “ABC went out and did what they did last season by releasing 33 women on their Bachelor Facebook Page. Not all of these women will make it on. I expect about 30 to make it on. So some of these women will end up getting cut. But I guess this is their way of having the public vet out their women for them like they did for Hannah’s season.”

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