‘The Good Place’ Season 4 Cast & Spoilers

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The Good Place is almost here. The acclaimed sitcom will return on September 26, and because it will be the last season, fans have plenty of questions about the characters and what they are doing. What’s happened to Eleanor since the season 3 finale? What about Michael and Tahini?

Series creator Michael Shur has been sparse about the details for season 4, but he promises that there will be several “curveballs” to throw viewers off. “Something significant happens that changes everything,” he told TV Insider. “You will believe one thing is happening at the beginning of the premiere, and by the end you’ll see it’s something else.” What we do know is that Eleanor (Kristen Bell) is now the architect of the Good Place.

Series Creator Michael Shur Has Teased a ‘Curveball’ During the Season 4 Premiere

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The series will bring back hallmarks of the first season, namely the Neighborhood, but there are some notable differences that will prove important throughout. Michael (Ted Danson) and the humans are now in charge of an experiment to prove that all humans can be taught to be better people in hopes of changing how the point system works in the Bad Place works. The catch, of course, is that the Bad Place got to choose the new four humans to send to the Neighborhood, and they are intended to torture the main cast.

These new humans include John, a blogger who used to torture Tahini (Jameela Jamil) during her time on Earth, and Simone, an ex-girlfriend who forces Chidi (William Jackson Harper) to get his memory wiped, thus cancelling out everything he experienced with Eleanor over the course of the series. “It’s equally split between the romantic stories and the plot. …What’s going to happen to all of humanity is a pretty good question to be asking for plot,” Schur explained. “I really like the romances between Eleanor and Chidi and Janet and Jason. I think it’s probably an even split.”

Kristen Bell Said That the Series Finale Will Be ‘F**king Beautiful’ for Fans

Kristen Bell recently talked to Collider about the series finale, and how it succinctly wraps up the themes that were introduced in the pilot. “This was a collective agreement that we made to end the show because Mike Schur found the perfect ending,” she reasoned. “He found an ending that is as meaningful as the reason he created the show. In the dictionary, there should be a picture of Mike under so many different words, beyond just intelligent, like consistency and empowering.”

“In regard to consistency, he’s been consistent, from day one. He wanted to create a show that was a conversation starter, and the ending is a conversation starter,” Bell continued. “It’s also deeply, deeply meaningful. I don’t think anyone will see it coming. It’s so f**king beautiful, and it was very hard to do.”