‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Judges & Host All Return

The Masked Singer Season 2 Time And Channel

© 2019 FOX MEDIA LLC. Photo Credit: The Michael Becker L-R: The Panelists: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger.

Tonight, Season 2 of The Masked Singer returns for some ‘whosungit’ fun. Fox’s official synopsis for the two-hour premiere episode reads, “The first eight undercover celebrity singers face off against one another in head-to-toe costumes.”

The costumes that will make up this season include The Egg, The Leopard, The Flamingo, The Fox, The Eagle, The Skeleton, The Butterfly, The Penguin, The Panda, The Ice Cream, The Tree (with Christmas decorations), The Rottweiler, The Black Widow, The Flower, The Lady Bug and Thingamajig.

What can we expect when it comes to our judges’ panelist tonight? Read on.

Judges, Hosts, & Guest Judges

The returning panelists of judges include Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and host Nick Cannon. T-Pain, last year’s winner, will serve as a guest judge. Joel McHale and Anthony Anderson will also be returning as guest judges.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Judge Jenny McCarthy said this season is bigger by “having more contestants and making the costumes even better.” This season will also feature a whopping 16 performers.

Showrunner Izzie Pick Ibarra tells GoodHousekeeping.com of the hints given out each episode, “It’s a tricky balance… We try to give a good six to eight clues about somebody in some shape or form every episode.” But, of course, those hints must be given out without giving away the identity of each singer.

Structural Changes to the Show

The Masked Singer involves some structural changes this go-around, including having only four characters compete each hour. This way, the audience can become better acquainted with the contestants. The eliminations will still be decided by a studio audience and the judges. There is no live voting since the show was taped months ago.

While voting is not live, the network is still involving social media by urging viewers at home to write their predictions for each performer on Twitter.

According to Fox, “collectively, all of the Season Two undercover celebrities have amassed 69 Emmy Award nominations, 42 Grammy Award nominations, 22 Broadway shows, three New York Times best-sellers and two have been named Time magazine’s Most Influential People.”

In more good news, it seems that it may be tougher to guess who’s who this year. According to USA Today, “Talent agents and managers now understand the show and are on board with heightened security and nondisclosure agreements, Ibarra says. This season, the few executives who know the singers’ identities wore a particular color of clothing so the competitors could identify who it was safe to talk to.”

Ibarra continues by saying that it has been simpler to license songs from music publishers. USA Today reports that last season, “they wanted to know who’s going to be performing their songs and we couldn’t tell them… And then we would tell them that someone dressed as an enormous rabbit would be singing their song.”

In addition, the contestants are well-acquainted with the show. Judge Jenny McCarthy says, “The contestants know the show now… They come into this saying, ‘I’m going to one-up this. I’m going to trick the judges.’ And they get into their character so much, you can’t possibly figure out who it is because they’ve taken control.”

Tune in to new episodes of The Masked Singer season 2, Wednesday nights at 8pm ET/PT on FOX.

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