The Masked Singer Season 1 Winner: Who Won Last Season?

monster on the masked singer, who is the monster on the masked singer


The Masked Singer has returned. The singing competition that proved to be a smash hit is back for more clues and shocking celebrity reveals. That said, many fans are wanting a refresher on season one, and which celebrity proved the most successful. Who won the first season? What costume were they wearing?

T-Pain was the winner of The Masked Singer season one. He wowed the judges and audience alike with his soulful performances, all the while hiding underneath a monster costume that resembled something out of Monsters, Inc. T-Pain gave several clues as to his identity, the most notable being that he’s had to “fight his demons” in the past and that he’s a “teddy bear” at heart.

T-Pain Was the Winner of ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 1

Some of the promos also hinted at T-Pain’s music. The Monster was shown sitting at a bar, while a bartender wearing a top hat dances. The Monster then gets up and starts throwing money and break dancing. All of these actions relate to T-Pain singles, most notably “Bartender” and “I’m In Luv (Wit a Stripper).” The top hat also alludes to the kind of hat wear that T-Pain wore during 2008 and 2009.

T-Pain said that winning the competition was personally satisfying for him. “Just to hear all the compliments and to hear everybody praising so much, it was pretty cool to hear that,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “Don’t cry, because once you get going, you are going to get me going! It was always like that, but to see them appreciate so much of what I did, it was it was pretty cool.”

T-Pain Said He Had to Take Extra Precautions Not to Reveal His Identity

T-Pain admitted that the lack of auto-tune on his voice was what threw many off his trail. “It was normal to me, because I hear my voice all the time, but when people hear the auto-tune, they automatically go off, ‘Well, that cant be his real voice!'” he explained. “You know, it’s pretty much the same.”

The rapper/singer (or rappa ternt sanga) also talked about the extensive security measures that the show’s producers took, and how he had to make sure not reveal his identity by mistake. He said that only his wife, his mother, and a few other family members knew that it was him under the costume.

“It was difficult, because they kind of wanted me to be unmasked so they can just show the world, but they [also] wanted me to make it to the end, so everybody was conflicting,” he recalled. “I would always get text messages about how good I’m doing, and my mom’s always supporting me, and my wife is always right next to me, so she’s rooting for me. It helps a lot.”

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