‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Clues & Spoilers So Far 9/15/2019

The Masked Singer Season 2 Clues


Season 2 of The Masked Singer premieres on September 25, 2019, but a sneak peek of the show on September 15th reveals some clues about the new cast of celebrities, who are singing in disguises. Fox has reported that 16 contestants are in the mix this season, but only 14 of the characters were shown prior to the sneak peek. And, the characters revealed prior to the sneak preview are:

Ice Cream
Black Widow Spider
Christmas Tree

On the sneak-peek episode, clues about the new characters are revealed and we will update this post with the spoilers, as the episode airs. Also on the sneak peek, the judges will reflect on the show so far and the season 1 winner T-Pain will appear.

Read on below for the live recap about the clues and information revealed on the sneak peek so that you can get a head start on your guesses for the season.

“The Masked Singer” Season 2 Spoilers

Judge Nicole Scherzinger helped kick off the sneak peek by saying she’s prepared to look very closely at the contestants this season. Then the show went into some highlights to recap season 1 of the show.

The first mask revealed was the skeleton and he said he will sing his heart out on stage. The Fox was next and he said that this “superhero” is ready to devour the competition. Icecream was next and the icecream character has the heaviest mask of all the cast members. Icecream said he lives for “half of February”. The Eagle was next, donning a rock n’ roll outfit. He said that the other contestants will be “saluting” him at the very end. He said that wearing a mask lets him live out his wildest dreams.

Mask number 5 is Tree, which is decorated like a Christmas tree. The Tree called her performances “delicious” and she said that her outfit is inspired by the 1950’s. Flamingo was next and she said that the costume is “perfect” for her. She calls herself a “fiery and fierce bird”.

In a sneak peek of the new season, Flamingo performed “Lady Marmalade” and did a killer job.

Butterfly was next up and she said she “bumps into everything” and prays she doesn’t “fall over”.

The Penguin was then revealed. This was a character that had not yet been revealed. And the next contender was the Leopard, who said that she is ready to move “meow-tains”.

The Egg was next and said they belong on the stage.

Rottweiler was next and went with a hip-hop vibe for its costume.

Then, the Flower was revealed and she said she blossoms in any field she’s in.

Thingamajig was next and said he will tower over the rest of the singers with his “puzzling persona”. He said not to call him “Chewbacca” though they do “celebrate together”. Thingamajig was shown in a sneak peek performance from the new season and it brought judge Nicole Scherzinger to tears.

Panda was next and said they are “positive” they have the energy to go all the way to “sweet” victory.

The Black Widow was next and said she is ready to “crawl” her way to the top.

The final character won’t be revealed until September 22, 2019, which is the night of the 2019 Emmy Awards.

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