Top Boy Netflix 2019: Meet the Cast

Getty Drake, Ashley Walters, Micheal Ward and Simbiatu Ajikawo attend the "Top Boy" UK Premiere.

The UK crime series Top Boy is coming to Netflix. The series picks up years after the events of season two, and follows drug dealers Dushane and Sully as they navigate the criminal underworld. Given that so much time has passed between seasons, fans are curious as to which cast members will be returning and which will be newcomers. Read on for a full rundown of the Top Boy season three cast.

Ashley Walters Is Dushane

Ashley Walters will be returning to play series co-lead Dushane. “It’s been a long time coming. I would have wanted it to come back straight away after the last season finished, but if you think about it now the time is perfect,” the actor told Hypebeast. “The culture and what we’re going through as people in the country, I think it’s the perfect time for the show.”

While his most acclaimed project is Top Boy, Walters has appeared in the 2004 crime drama Bullet Boy and the 2005 biopic Get Rich or Die Tryin’. He is also a musician, and has released four studio albums and six mixtapes under the name Asher D.

Kane Robinson Is Sully

Kane Robinson is returning as the other series lead, Sully. He talked to Hypebeast about returning to the character, and how he’s excited to flesh him out. “To be able to have that 10 episodes is really the next level for the show,” he said. “We get to explore characters further, dig a little bit deeper and start pulling back the layers.”

“That was exciting for me as an actor,” Robinson continued. “Because you get to show more of your character and spend time with them away from the street life, more of their home and family life.” Robinson also records music under the name Kano. He’s released six studio albums, and his latest release, Hoodies All Summer, peaked at number eight on the UK Albums Chart.

Michael Ward Is Jamie

Michael Ward will be returning as Jamie, the power-hungry dealer who bumps heads with Dushane and Sully. He talked to Hypebeast about the importance of representation on screen, and how Top Boy is important for minorities worldwide. “You’re seeing a lot of people of color on screen and, for me, I hadn’t really seen anything like that,” he explained.

“So the fact that Top Boy did that and still continues to do that, I feel that’s what’s made it stay so relevant, and all the issues,” he added. “Especially stuff like gentrification and Brexit, are all being addressed within the show.” Ward also appeared on the television series The A List.

Simbi Ajikawo (Little Simz) Is Shelley

Little Simz will be playing a new character named Shelley. Simz talked about executive producer Drake, and how he helped bring Top Boy back from the dead. “He came in and was like, ‘I don’t want to change anything, you guys are already doing what you’re doing, you know what you’re doing,” she recalled. “I’m just here to help propel it even more and give it more exposure’.”

“I just really want it to grow internationally, I think our story is so important and there’s a really strong fan base in Europe, but I want it to go international,” she added. Simz, who also raps, will appear on the Top Boy compilation soundtrack alongside Drake.

David Omoregie (Dave) Is Modie

Another actor who’s added to the cast is David Omeregie, who will be playing a character named Modie. Omeregie also raps under the name Dave, and his connections with executive producer Drake go back a handful of years. His 2016 single “Wanna Know” was heavily featured on the rapper’s OVO Sound Radio, and he is also slated to appear on the Drake-curated soundtrack for Top Boy.

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