Where Is ‘The I-Land’ on Netflix Filmed? See Behind-the-Scenes Photos

I-Land Where Filmed


A new intriguing sci-fi TV series has just released on Netflix called The I-Land. And although the series definitely isn’t Lost, it’s still a fun watch if you don’t take it too seriously. But one of the most intriguing things about the series is the beautiful island where it’s filmed. Where does The I-Land take place in real life?

‘The I-Land’ Was Filmed in the Beautiful Dominican Republic

According to IMDb, the series was filmed in the Dominican Republican. The studio is at Pinewood Dominican Republica Studios in Juan Dolio. It’s billed as a 43-acre site just 20 minutes from the airport, with an 8-acre facility designed especially for water filming and sea views with professional diving. They certainly had a lot of sea views in the series.

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination for filming because of tax incentives, Pinewood Studios notes. In fact, Pinewood just entered a long-term contract with Disney for filming in Buckinghamshire. Pinewood has also worked with Avengers.

Another location for filming The I-Land is San Pedro de Macoris. Other films that are made here include Sugar, The Projectionist, Playball, and more.

La Terrenas is another location in the Dominican Republic. Other films made here include Heading South, Survivor, and Falling. 

And Samana is another location in the Dominican Republic. Other films made in Samana include Pirate of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Survivor: Turkey, Survivor 2018, Survivor 2016, and more.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo from Samana. Natalie Martinez wrote: “We had an amazing time shooting @theilandnetflix. So grateful for the cast and crew, they truly made this show and experience so special. ? #netflix #iland”

And more great photos from Samana, where it looks like a number of their beach scenes were filmed. Samana is a town on the Samana Peninsula of the Dominican Republic. Interestingly, thousands of humpback whales come here during the winter mating season.

USA Today describes Samana as an unspoiled destination. It’s on the DR’s northeastern shore and takes a little more traveling to reach. It has a jungle feel and just 110,000 residents (and, USA Today adds, six million palm trees.) It was the perfect choice for filming. The area has white-sand beaches, a trio of waterfalls called El Limon Falls (which we get to see early on in the series), and horseback riding to the falls. If you want to experience the set of the series, this is likely the best place to go.

Here are more photos from that same set:



It looks like Samana was home for most of those beautiful beach scenes. This would be a nice island to get stranded on.

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