AHS 1984 Spoilers: Who Dies on Episode 5 Tonight? [Live Death Recap]

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American Horror Story: 1984 airs tonight at 10/9c on FX. The synopsis for season 9 episode 5, titled “Red Dawn,” reads, “As twilight broaches, the survivors brace for a final brawl.” Tonight’s episode will see a major showdown between Margaret and Mr. Jingles, Montana finally getting some revenge, and a dead character coming back to life. (WARNING! MAJOR American Horror Story SPOILERS ahead, so turn back now if you’re not caught up!)

Last week’s episode saw the resurrection of the Night Stalker, who somehow came back to life after Mr. Jingles put a tree branch through the back of his skull, so Montana’s boyfriend will likely continue terrorizing Brooke and the rest of the group. Tonight’s episode will also dive further into Margaret’s betrayal and Mr. Jingle’s new vendetta against the woman who framed him for mass murder 14 years ago. The clip below also sees Xavier losing his mind, Fake Rita admitting she let Mr. Jingles loose, and Montana finally confronting Brooke about her brother.

This article will explore tonight’s episode of American Horror Story in detail as we do a live recap while it airs. If you aren’t completely caught up to tonight’s episode and don’t want anything spoiled for you, this is your OFFICIAL SPOILER WARNING! Turn back now or proceed at your own risk. Otherwise continue reading for details regarding tonight’s episode as well as a LIVE DEATH RECAP throughout. Don’t forget to refresh the page every few minutes to keep up with the live spoilers.

We will update this story as soon as the episode airs, so stayed tuned and thanks for reading! The episode premieres at 10 p.m. ET on FX. In the meantime, catch up on spoilers for tonight’s episode here, and check back soon for live updates on “Red Dawn.” Be sure to check out this author’s page for more weekly AHS coverage, including fan theoriesepisode details and more.

Keep in mind that this article will be written in real time, so please excuse the casual tone and any minor mistakes that might be made initially. I will go back through and edit the article as soon as the episode ends. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

The episode starts with Fake Rita sitting in a car chain smoking cigarettes. Suddenly another car pulls up up and a man hops out and lets another woman out of the car. It’s a flashback to 1980, and it looks like the man is Fake Rita’s husband or boyfriend. She follows the two into the house and sneaks up the stairs.

She walks through the house quietly before beating on the bedroom door. She finally reveals her real name – Dee Dee – as she asks the man to come talk to her. She breaks into the room and the woman she saw earlier is tied to a bed with her guts spilled all over, clearly dead. Oh wait, no she’s not, she starts screaming and writhing around on the bed just as the man walks back into the room. The man isn’t actually her boyfriend or husband, it turns out he is her dad (Dee Dee said something about her “mom,” so she must have assumed her father was cheating on her mother and wanted to confront him, just to find out he is a murderer).

She confronts him on what he did to the woman, and he admits that it’s a disease he’s had since he was born, and that he can’t help it. She tells him that he’s not evil, and begs him to put the knife down. She tells him that she’s a psychologist and she can help him change, and he says that he can’t. Just as it looks like he is about to lunge at her with the knife, he stabs himself in the neck and kills himself. Fake Rita/Dee Dee’s flashback father is dead, and we assume the woman on the bed is too.

Flash forward to present time, and Dee Dee is confronting the freshly-resurrected Night Stalker. He tells her that he was reborn through Satan, and that he is “evil, pure and uncut.” He calls her by her real name, which she said nobody has said in years, and then he tells her that she is evil too. Suddenly Dee Dee’s serial killer father appears before her, and also tells her that she was born from evil, and has darkness inside her, and that she should accept her darkness and follow in his footsteps.

The scene cuts over to Xavier, who is definitely losing his mind while he and the rest of the group stand around the burning car (that Margaret set on fire). He hysterically tells the others that they need to start a big enough fire for someone to see them, and grabs a burning stick to try to start the forest on fire. Margaret knocks him out and they drag him to a cabin. They discuss their options and Margaret says two of them can take a boat across the lake to a few campers to see if they have a car. Montana immediately volunteers Chet to go, so she can be alone with Brooke.

Brooke notes how weird it was that Margaret didn’t mention the campers before, and as she gets up to walk to the window Montana grabs an ax from under the bed. Brooke gets excited because she saw the ghost of Ray walking through the woods (they must think he is still alive), and Brooke notices the ax, clearly doesn’t realize that Montana is trying to kill her, tells Montana to “keep it close,” and runs out of the room.

Brooke finds Ray walking through the woods, and he doesn’t appear to know he is dead either. He can’t remember what happened after he took the bike and left Montana behind. The scene cuts over to Margaret and Chet, who are rowing across the lake while Margaret asks him if he has ever thought about death. She tells him that if he believed in God, he wouldn’t be so scare to die. He thinks she is just worried about them getting out of the woods alive, but she is really planning on killing him … and lo and behold, she grabs a paddle and beats him over the head with it while confessing that there aren’t any other campers and that she just wants to get all of them alone so she can kill them each, one by one. She cuts his ear off and dumps him in the lake. Chet appears to be dead, but it’s unclear at this time if she succeeded in fully killing him, since she just stomped on his fingers until he let go of the boat and went under. He is probably dead though, that was a pretty violent attack.

Brooke and Ray hear Mr. Jingles coming through the woods so they run and hide in a nearby building. They talk about how Brooke was hoping to move to L.A. to become “nobody,” and how she was a huge “nerd” in school and how she grew up with the fiance that killed himself on their wedding day. Ray tells her not to “change just to fit into the world,” and she leans over and kisses him. Brooke starts making out with the ghost of her dead friend because she “doesn’t want to die when she hasn’t lived yet.”

Cutting back over to Xavier and Montana, Dee Dee breaks into their cabin and admits that she let Mr. Jingles out of the mental hospital. Xavier freaks out because of his face (Mr. Jingles tried cooking him alive, remember?) and tells her that it’s her fault his face is messed up and that he won’t ever “be on the cover of TV Guide” before he attacks her. She runs out of the cabin and he chases her with a knife.

After Brooke and Ray finish having sex, she admits that she was a virgin and that this dead guy was her first (is anybody else thinking about the fact that evil, Satan babies are conceived through human/spirit sex?!). Ray asks her how she feels after her first time, and she answers that she feels “thirsty.” She gets up to go to the fridge, opens the door and finds Ray’s decapitated head inside. She freaks out and takes off running back to Montana, who she still doesn’t know is trying to kill her. She starts panicking and asks Montana if she is alive and tells her how badly she wished she had never come to Camp Redwood. Montana promptly knocks her out with the ax and tells her not to worry because she will be “leaving soon.”


Montana confronts Brooke when she comes to, and she tells her how fake she is and how everybody constantly gives Brooke sympathy that she doesn’t deserve. Montana tells tells her how it was fate that Brooke came to her workout class, and how an “AK 47” fell into her lap (referring to the Night Stalker). Brooke asks her why she sent the Night Stalker after her, and Montana accuses her of killing her brother. Montana grabs a rope and starts choking Brooke, who in turn grabs a long piece of metal and stabs Montana in the leg before throwing a metal bin at her and running back out of the cabin.

Mr. Jingles finds Dee Dee/Fake Rita and tells her she should never have brought him back to Camp Redwood. He then tells her that Margaret was the real killer and admits that he never killed anybody until he was released from the ward. Dee Dee asks him to kill her because she feels guilty about setting everything into motion, but he refuses and says he only has one kill left. He also tells her that she has to live with what she’s done, which is punishment enough.

Montana continues to chase Brooke through the woods, while Brooke hides in yet another building. Montana comes flying out of nowhere and rugby tackles her, and the two start scuffling. Brooke smashes a chair over her head and threatens her with a sharp object, before the scene cuts over to Margaret, who unfortunately meets Mr. Jingles in the woods.

She tells him she should have shot him in the head, so he grabs her by the throat and is just about to kill her when Xavier comes out of nowhere and puts three arrows in his chest. I lied, five arrows. “When you put me in that oven you cooked up your worst nightmare asshole,” he tells him. Mr. Jingles appears to be dead (but, knowing this show, he probably isn’t). Xavier goes to check on Margaret, who jumps up and stabs him in the guts. Xavier also appears dead.

I was right, nobody is really dead because this is American Horror Story. Mr. Jingles is almost immediately resurrected after Margaret walks away. The Night Stalker stands over him laughing and asks if he “accepts Satan in his heart.”

The sun finally comes up, and a bus full of children are on their way to Camp Redwood. Montana and Brooke are still engaged in a violent brawl, with both getting in plenty of good blows. Montana finally pins her down and is about to stab her in the heart before Brooke flips her over and stabs her repeatedly in the chest. It looks like Montana is dead, and the entire bus of children witnessed her death.

A bunch of police arrive and arrest Brooke, and as Margaret hides behind a building, she stabs herself in the leg and comes running out, claiming Brooke attacked her. As the police start wrapping up all the bodies, Ray comes walking across the camp and an EMT starts to take his vitals. She realizes that he has no blood pressure and rushes him to an ambulance. I’m guessing he will disappear the moment they drive off the grounds, since that’s what happens with AHS (Murder House!).

Yup, I called it. As the ambulance drives through the entrance to the camp, he suddenly appears back on the campgrounds with the ghost of the hiker they accidentally hit on their way to Camp Redwood. While a police officer is loading some things into the drunk of his squad car, Montana’s ghost appears and looks upset. The officer asks her if she is okay, and she says no, because she is “fucking dead” and grabs his gun. She kills the cop, turns to the dead hippie hiker and Ray and tells them how they are “taking this Purgatory thing the wrong way,” and that they should enjoy it because they “can be Gods here.” Montana seems to be adjusting to her afterlife pretty quickly.

The final scene is pretty confusing, since the Night Stalker and Mr. Jingles are the ones who apparently stole the (now dead) police officer’s car, and appear to be driving toward Los Angeles together. So it’s really unclear what’s going on with those two … were they in cahoots the whole time? Did they plan all of the bloody chaos at the camp? Are they even actually dead? And if so, why are they able to leave Camp Redwood when Ray and Montana can’t? Hopefully everything will all be answered next week, so tune in on Wednesday, October 23 at the same time to catch episode 6, titled “Episode 100,” which we expect will be pretty interesting since it’s (obviously) the series’ 100th episode. I will be doing another live death recap, so stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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