Ashley Howland & Casey Starchak on ‘Temptation Island’ Season 2

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A new season of Temptation Island is here, and fans are itching to find out which couples will make it through the series.

For those who are new to the show, four couples who have been in a serious relationship split up into two villas. The men in the relationships are welcomed by twelve single ladies, while the women are welcomed by twelve single men. They stay in their respective villas for one month, during which they are not allowed to communicate with their significant other. In the end, they decide if they want to start a new relationship or stay with their partner.

Ashley Howland & Casey Starchak

Ashley and Casey have been dating for a year and a half. They met through a dating app, but things haven’t been going great for the pair recently. USA Network writes, “The couple, who recently moved in together, struggle with trust and commitment issues: Ashley has been burned before and is wary of Casey’s party-boy past, meanwhile Casey doesn’t want to pay the price for other men’s mistakes and often thinks about the single life he left behind.”

Ashley works as a 25-year-old dental assistant. Casey, meanwhile, is a 26-year-old in online sales.

Asked by In Style what brings them to the show, Casey says, “We were just delving into our issues in our relationship when I got an email about casting couples for the show. We didn’t even know what our issues were at the time; just that there was an issue and that we would get into arguments. As the casting progress continued, we got clarity and figured out what we need to work on. We realized that the show was something that could help us grow as a couple.”

Ashley adds on, “We’ve definitely set rules for each other. Nothing intimate — kissing, sex, none of that. We’re here to work on our relationship and not try to ruin it. I feel like if you’re intimate with somebody else, you’re just kind of like, “Ok, I’m over you now.” We’ve spoken about that, and that’s not anything we’re planning on doing.”

The two went on to say that, naturally, it is a fear that last season on the show, some long-term couples engaged in physical acts with single people on the reality series. Ashley says, “I’m just trying to focus on us. Obviously, people have hooked up on the show, but their relationships aren’t like ours. Everybody’s relationship is different, so you’re not always gonna have the same outcome.”

They Will Join 3 Other Couples This Season

Ashley and Casey will join three other couples this season on Temptation Island: Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur, Kate Griffith and Dave Benavidez, and Esonica Veira and Gavin Rocker. All couples are hoping to stay together, but as viewers of Season 1 are well aware, that may not be the case.

Be sure to tune into Temptation Island airing tonight on USA Network at 10pm ET/PT.

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