‘Better Call Saul’ Easter Egg on ‘El Camino’: Who’s the Strippers’ Driver?


Although there are plenty of Breaking Bad Easter eggs in the El Camino movie, there’s only one major Easter egg from Better Call Saul. It’s the man who was driving the strippers and acting as a bodyguard for them. He was also a bodyguard on Better Call Saul (but not a very good one.)

The Strippers’ Driver Was on Two Episodes of ‘Better Call Saul’

The strippers’ driver/bodyguard appears to be the same bodyguard who was protecting Nacho and then ran away when Mike started beating up the other guy.


According to IMDb, David Mattey plays both characters. On El Camino his name is Clarence. On Better Call Saul, he’s only called “Man Mountain” and appears in the episodes Pimento and Pinata.

In Pimento, Man Mountain was the third guy that Pryce was going to hire. Here’s the scene he appears in:

Better call Saul: Trevor Vs MikeBetter call Saul: Steven Ogg AKA Trevor Philips Vs Mike Ehrmantraut Season 1 Episode 09 Pimento Episode Download link: adf.ly/7562016/better-call-saul-ep092015-03-31T05:54:50.000Z

And the vehicle he’s seen driving in El Camino appears to be similar to Pryce’s vehicle, which Nacho described in Better Call Saul as a “school bus for six-year-old pimps.” Only his car now is red and not yellow with red stripes.

Man Mountain comes back for the pinata scene on Better Call Saul. He is still working with the vet and being put up for jobs, which might be how he got connected with the job protecting the strippers and driving them around.

'Man Mountain & Red High-Top Sneakers' Breaking Bad Easter Eggs Ep. 406 | Better Call SaulThe creators discuss the reappearance of the red high-top sneakers and Man Mountain, which call back to Breaking Bad and Season 1 of Better Call Saul, respectively.  Don't miss the next episode of Better Call Saul, Monday, September 17 at 9/8c. #BetterCallSaul #AMC For more Better Call Saul videos: goo.gl/LLCugx Better Call Saul Easter Egg: Season 4, Episode 6 Subscribe to…2018-09-11T02:30:00.000Z

He’s Portrayed by David Mattey

David Mattey plays the role of Man Mountain aka the strippers’ driver. His many previous credits include The Science of Mortal Kombat, Strange Nature, God of War, Knight Squad, Henry Danger, Ghosted, Colony, The Thundermans, Miss 2059 (Hattorog), Traded, Mom, American Horror Story, Mighty Men (Slaughter Master), Children’s Hospital, Dog with a Blog, Partners, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, The Legend of Neil, iCarly, Charmed, E-Ring, Angel, Star Trek: Enterprise, Reno 911!, and more. Most of his roles have been one-time or two-part roles on series, similar to Better Call Saul. But from 1998-1999, he was on three episodes of Another World playing the role of a baby seller/seedy bar patron. His first role was as a gravedigger on the soap opera As the World Turns.

Mattey also has 50 credits on IMDb for stuntwork, 10 editor credits, and two producer credits. His stunt work is as recent as this year, working on shows like Preacher, Knight Squad, Quarry, Outcast, Wonder Woman, Pair of Kings, Chuck, Charmed, Get Smart, and more.

Mattey was born in 1969 in New York. He’s been married to Cristina Van Valkenburg since 2007 and his nickname is “Big Dave.” Mattey graduated from Virginia Tech, where he has degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Computer Aided Design, according to his IMDb profile. He’s a member of Mensa and is the cousin of John Mattey, who’s also an actor.

So far, David Mattey’s appearance is the biggest Easter Egg noticed by fans from Better Call Saul that was seen on El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Of course, with rewatches and more analysis, more Easter eggs may appear.

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