Who Is Brianna’s Son Braeson’s Biological Father on TMYP

Brianna Jaramillo

Brianna Jaramillo via Instagram

Brianna Jaramillo and her son Braeson were introduced to the Teen Mom franchise’s fans when Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant premiered last year. The two have returned to the reality show’s cast for season 2, to share their lives with the viewers watching at home. One aspect of their story that fans are still wanting to know is the name of Braeson’s birth father, who is not in the picture.

When MTV introduced the stars’ baby daddies when the reality series premiered last year, they did not name Braeson’s biological father. Instead, they listed Brianna’s then-boyfriend Danae as Braseon’s dad. In their description of Danae and his relationship with Brianna, they wrote: “They have been together for almost three years, but it hasn’t been without bumps. And during one of their breaks, she got pregnant. While Danae may not be the biological father of Brianna’s son, he is committed to raising his girlfriend’s peanut as his own.” There was no mention of Braeson’s biological father’s name, though MTV elaborated in a later article that “the biological father wanted nothing to do with his unborn child.”

After Brianna and Danae’s relationship didn’t work out, Braeson was without a father figure until Brianna started dating Robert, but Brianna’s relationship with Robert eventually ended, too.

Brianna has given minimal clues about Braeson’s biological dad’s identity, but she has revealed that he was someone she knew in school, and that they were never in a relationship.

During season 1, the reality show briefly teased that Braeson’s dad’s identity might be revealed on the show with his reentry into Brianna and Braeson’s lives. Before the episode aired, Brianna teased her Instagram followers, writing in a caption “Is Braeson’s dad coming back into the picture? @TeenMom: #YoungAndPregnant is new tonight at 10/9c on @MTV!” Ultimately, Brianna decided that she didn’t want him in Braeson’s life, so the biological father remained anonymous.

For season 2 of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, MTV’s cast bio for Brianna reads “After leaving her toxic relationship with Danae behind, Brianna moved with her mom and Braeson to Oregon for a fresh start, but it was tougher than she expected to juggle two jobs and raise Braeson on her own. Brianna started dating again when an old friend reached out with some surprising news that could change the course of her and Braeson’s life forever.”

The next new episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant airs on Tuesday, October 29. The episode’s official synopsis, reiterates that “Brianna gets shocking news.” Could the “shocking news” pertain to Braeson’s birth father? It seems unlikely, since Brianna’s focus is elsewhere.

Rather than reintroduce Braeson’s biological father into their lives, it appears that Brianna is focused on her relationship with her own birth dad. Ahead of the episode, she wrote on Instagram “I only want the best for Braeson, with or without his grandfather… But it’s worth a try. I’m reaching out to my dad on tonight’s @TeenMom: #YoungAndPregnant at 9/8c @MTV!”

Tune in to new episodes of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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