Cameron Douglas’ Book ‘Long Way Home’ Talks Drugs & Crime

Cameron Douglas and Michael Douglas at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Getty Cameron Douglas with father Michael Douglas at the actor's 2018 Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony.

Cameron Douglas is finally ready to come clean about his past mistakes. The son of Hollywood icon Michael Douglas and grandson of the legendary Kirk Douglas, he’s been in the public eye all of his life. With his book, Long Way Home, Douglas is setting the record straight on some myths, while admitting to the drug use that nearly ruined his life.

Born in 1978, Douglas tried joining the family business with performances in a few films. The lure of drugs and a resulting addiction proved to be too much as he established his own identity. Soon, Cameron was sentenced to prison and facing an uncertain future. After years in the prison system, Douglas, with the support of his famous family, is reaching out to addicts and telling his story as a cautionary tale.

Addiction Seemed to Run in the Family

For Douglas, the road to his addiction was surrounded by family members experiencing their own issues. His uncle died of an overdose in 2004; his father admitted to his addictions in numerous interviews. “I got sober. I was in rehab in 1991. Probably more alcohol but drugs were a part of it.” Michael Douglas told Marc Maron during the WTF podcast.

As a teenager, Cameron would admit to casual drinking and marijuana use. It would gradually build into addictions that spiraled out of control for the younger Douglas. In an exclusive excerpt obtained by People, he describes the drug use as “a path out of loneliness” as he dealt with the demands of being a part of the family.

While he maintains a good relationship with his father, the actor does openly talk about the decisions made that affected his chances at sobriety. In one of the most talked-about portions of the book, Douglas goes into the parties held by his famous father. “Even as a really young kid, I remember running joints back and forth,” he says of his role during these events. Going further, he admits as a child not knowing that the act itself might be a problem. “Dad would say, ‘Hey, bring this over to your uncle,’ and I would, not realizing until years later what it had been,” Douglas writes.

Drug use is far behind Cameron Douglas and he has repaired the broken bonds in his family. Even his step-mother, Catherine Zeta-Jones, is taking to Instagram to show her support for Long Way Home. In a recent post related to the book’s release, the actress wrote that the book was, “A poignant, honest, cathartic and at times terrifying memoir.” In response to her praise, Cameron responded. “There are no words to express what your Love and support have meant to me over the years; you are truly amazing,” he wrote in the post’s comments.

Prison Journals Were the Starting Point for the Book

Criminal activity became a part of Cameron Douglas’ life. “When you get that far down the rabbit hole, there are a couple options: there’s prison and then there’s death,” he told People in their exclusive interview. While he had previously dealt with the legal system after a misdemeanor arrest in 1999, his biggest problems would start after an arrest in 2009. The actor was caught with Meth by DEA agents and ended up with a decade long jail sentence. 2016 would see Douglas released early and sent to a Halfway House.

Much of the origin of the book and its honest approach to the subject of Douglas’ incarceration comes from his time in jail. According to the New York Times, he would keep a journal and delve into poetry during the sentence. Among the details of his time there, the experiences gave the actor time to reflect on his past as well as the current environment he was in. Seeing the effects of prison, his father also weighed in with how the journals could help.

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