Cardi B Sounds off-on AIDS Comment During Instagram Rant

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Two Weeks ago, Cardi B went on a rant on Instagram Live after the multi-talent rapper did a sit-down interview with Access Hollywood. The interview was a part of Cardi’s press run for her new collaboration with Netflix called  Rhythm + Flow.  The program is a hip hop competition series.

But, when a clip previewing the interview between Cardi B and Access Hollywood was released to the public, it didn’t sit well with The Hustlers’ actress.  Specifically, the headline that was released with the clip. The clip’s headline read “Cardi B Admits Baby Kulture Calls Someone Else ‘Mommy’ Because She Works So Much: It ‘Feels Wack’.”

As soon as the word got back to the Cardi, she jumped on IG Live and ripped the platform.

Cardi B accused the publication of “chop up” her words for “clickbait. “Access Hollywood, suck my whole d***. S** a d***, I hope your f****** mom catch AIDS, b****.”

During the Rant, Cardi Explained What Was Asked of Her in the Interview

“They asked me a question about me doing different ventures and how has things changed when it comes to motherhood. So I explained to them. I gave them like a 2-minute answer, right? And I said things have changed because a lot of people expect me to do so many things. Like, a lot of people expect me to be in the studio. Then I film for Rhythm + Flow. I filmed for Hustlers. I’m working on f**** Fashion Nova, and I’m doing other business shit that is about to come out. So, I’m sorry if I take time out my day that I could be five hours in the studio, but I spent five hours with my kid.

Because yes, I could have somebody babysit my f****** kid, but it’s like it’s a wack feeling when your kid not even trying to fuck with you and call somebody else mommy. That’s why you gotta spend time with your kid,” Cardi said on Instagram. “So these muthafuckas chopped what I said up up — That’s not what the f*** I said! Don’t use my m******** kid for clickbait, b****. Don’t f***** cut s*** off trying to make me look like I’m a fuck ass mom cuz that’s something that I’m not. I don’t play that shit.”

Cardi’s received a lot of backlash on social media for using AIDS as an insult. Last week, The Hollywood Reporter, tried to reach out to Cardi representatives for comments but were unsuccessful in their attempts. The also attempted to reach out to Netflix, Access Hollywood and GLAAD, as well, but again unsuccessful in their attempts.  During her rant, Cardi said that she was done doing interviews.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a source at Access Hollywood share with them that they have privately apologized to Cardi. The source wasn’t aware of the caption of the video since he doesn’t work in the digital department.

There wasn’t any word on if Cardi had apologized for her comments until now.

Earlier this week, he hopped back on Instagram Live and said she won’t be apologizing.

“I not going to m***F**** apologize for S*** because if I said it when I was upset. I said whatever the f*** I say. Everyone says S*** when they are upset. People say all crazy types of s***— So when I say some crazy s*** people want to highlight it because they hate me. Ask every single blogger can please talk about how Cardi said this an that. They just want someone to confirm that what someone is saying is wrong. If y’all think it’s wrong it is what is, but I’m not going to f***** apology for you,” said Cardi.

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