Amber Leong of Circadian Optics: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Circadian Optics


Tonight, Amber Leong will pitch her company, Circadian Optics, to the sharks. Centering on the importance of light therapy, the company offers a line of light therapy lamps that “mimic the brightness and color of sunlight to help maintain healthy circadian rhythms during winter.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Leong Founded the Company In 2016

Leong and her husband, Kin Mun Chew, founded Circadian Optics in 2016. At the time, the entrepreneur was living in Minnesota, where she experienced long and dark winters.

Biz Journals writes, “She came to Minnesota to attend Bemidji State University, and was working as a brand manager at Jack Link’s Beef Jerky when she noticed that her energy levels and concentration were down during a long winter. She bought a light therapy lamp, but decided that she could do a better job.”

In her interview with the outlet, Leong states, “I want Circadian Optics to [bring] light therapy mainstream…”

2. The Company Doubled Its Revenue Each of Its First Three Years

Circadian Optics is doing very well. The company doubled its revenue each of its first three years; however, the specific numbers won’t be revealed until the episode airs. The company’s products have been featured on Bustle, CNN, Vogue, ABC, Forbes, Health, Shape, and others.

According to the product’s website, the cheapest light therapy lamp runs for $44.99. You can check out the variety of products here.

The FAQ page on the company’s website reveals that the light is best used in the morning. “Exposure to bright light in the early part of the day stimulates receptors in your eyes and sets your body clock. Morning light is most effective in helping us be awake, alert and energetic during the day.”

3. Leong Attended Bemidji State University

Leong graduated from Bemidji State University in 2006. According to her LinkedIn, she received her BS in Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, and went on to earn her MBA from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Leong worked as the brand manager at Jack Link’s Beef Jerky for five years before becoming the co-founder of Circadian Optics.

She tells The Bemidji Pioneer, “It was the most terrifying thing that I’ve done in my life,” Amber said. “But once I started going I realized that all I had to do was really explain the business and what our product does. No one knows it more than me. That’s how I regained my confidence and momentum as I was pitching. I really did my best. I gave it my all, laid it all out there.”

4. Her Journey to Appear on the Show Took 18 Months

As Leong shares with The Star, it took a whopping 18 months for Circadian Optics to be featured on Shark Tank.

She tells The Star, “We were at a trade show in 2018 and participated in a Shark Tank casting call. We didn’t expect much because every year, the show gets 40,000 applications, but we decided to take the chance anyway… We had to wait in line for hours to pitch at an open casting call…”

5. Customer Reviews for the Product Are Positive

Customer reviews for the Circadian Optics lights are very positive.

On Amazon, one user wrote, “Pleasantly surprised with the benefits of this lamp… Now I am somewhat skeptical, but this works. This is only my first week of use, I have not taken a nap since using this every morning. I seem to be sleeping better and have a bit more energy. Definitely I would recommend this light therapy lamp.”

Another added, “Amazing bargain for the price!… I recommend this enthusiastically and gratefully.”

Be sure to tune into Shark Tank tonight on ABC at 9pm ET/PT.

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