Corey Feldman’s Kids & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Corey Feldman has lived almost his entire life in the public eye. While the actor’s earliest work may have been in commercials and TV appearances, his career really took off with roles in Stand By Me and The Goonies. The roles would catapult him to another level of fame and ultimately the trappings that accompany it.

As a young adult, Feldman began to have his own problems with drug addiction. After facing the situation head-on, he would go forward with new options including trying his hand at a music career. It would become more of a side project as his attention turned to becoming a presence in reality TV as well as an advocate for victims of molestation. All the while, he would find time to build a family from three marriages, a son, siblings, and parents with their own connections to Hollywood.

Here’s what you need to know about Corey Feldman’s family:

1. Feldman Has Been Married Several Times

The actor is married to  Courtney Anne Mitchell as of 2019. She plays keyboard in Feldman’s band, Corey Feldman & the Angels. The couple dated for over four years before finally tying the knot in Las Vegas. It was a whirlwind engagement with only a few days passing before Feldman proposed and the ceremony occurred.

His past marriages include someone with her own fanbase. Vanessa Marcil came to prominence by playing the role of Brenda Barrett on General Hospital. At the height of her popularity, she would go on to appear in Beverly Hills 90210 and the series Las Vegas. The couple married in August of 1989 and stayed together until 1993.

Susie Sprague, Feldman’s second wife, is a model that has appeared in the pages of Playboy. The couple were married on the series The Surreal Life; the decision to have the ceremony filmed for the VH1 was reportedly made by producers. MC Hammer proceeded over the ceremony. Sprague and Feldman would go on to have a son before divorcing in 2009.

2. His Only Child Was Born in 2004

The actor’s only child, Zen Scott Feldman, was born on August 7th,2004. The son’s mother, Susie Sprague, filed for custody of Zen when she asked for a divorce in 2009. Despite their split, the couple both continued to be a presence in his life.

Unlike his own childhood, Feldman tried to keep his son out of the spotlight. It was a decision he spoke about when promoting The Two Coreys. “That was not my call actually. That was between the production company and the network. I never wanted Zen to be a part of the show. Susie and my feelings are that we want to keep him as far away from the entertainment business as possible; certainly, until he’s old enough to make those decisions for himself. Our feeling was, obviously, we’re mom and dad, and we’ve got to have him there with us,” the actor told PR.

When he came forward with allegations of abuse, the actor was also worried about his son. According to Newsweek, Feldman relayed his fears, “nerves are shot…I’m living in fear, not a good place to be.” These fears would come up several times as he began a personal quest to expose those in the industry that he felt were responsible for crimes against children.

3. The Actor’s Father Was a Successful Musician

Rob Feldman had success in the ’60s with The Strangeloves. This band, a creation of songwriting company, would go on to produce hits that can even be heard today. Most notable among the fictional storyline that accompanied the band were references to its musicians being brothers from Australia.

The singer and songwriter would be listed on the credits of several songs. Of the entire catalog, his well-known contribution may be on the song “I Want Candy.” Remade by numerous artists, the song has been given a life of its own that spans decades.

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That background may be one of the influences behind Feldman’s move into the world of music. Speaking to The Morning Call, he reflected on where the journey had led him and how his surrounding influences (including family) shaped him. “I am quite proud of the person that I’ve become. I think I’m a pretty good father, I’m a decent husband, and I’m a good businessman as well as a fairly decent entertainer. So I feel that I’ve earned what I have. I have never gotten things handed to me, it’s never been easy, and I’ve worked for everything that I’ve ever attained. And I think that, in due time, things will go the way they’re supposed to,” he said.

4. He Has Two Brothers and Two Sisters

While the actor may have one child, his family is full of siblings. Mindy may be the best known of his brothers and sisters. The actress’s first credited appearance was as a member of The New Mickey Mouse Club in 1977. After that, she gained a few roles in films such as Say Anything.

Eden Feldman appears with his brother on Marriage Boot Camp. It is their hope that appearing together can help the brothers heal wounds that have grown over the years due to a variety of issues. Outside of being on reality TV, he has a credit as a producer on the short film Daymare.

Siblings Brittnie and Devin are more of a mystery. While their higher-profile brother has been amassing credits and projects, they seem to be quieter. Feldman’s only mention of Devin occurs around his birth in 1981. According to the actor, it was a difficult time for the family.

5. Gained Emancipation From His Parents at Age 15

1987 is an important year for Corey Feldman; just a year earlier he would appear in the cult classic The Lost Boys. At the same time, years of alleged abuse and illegal activity by the actor against his parents were coming to a breaking point. As detailed on SheKnows, Feldman “fires his father as his manager and files for legal emancipation from both parents after finding out they have spent the million dollars he earned during his entire career, leaving him with just $40,000. His father demands that amount as a payoff.”

Speaking about his parents and the situation that caused his quest for emancipation, Feldman was honest about his reasoning. He told the Hollywood Reporter, “my parents were both very abusive and very selfish and were more interested in what was happening with themselves than what was happening with my life.” In the same interview, he elaborated that a broken relationship meant he could not report any sexual abuse to them.

Going further on the issues of his parents making him work, the actor was candid on the subject. “I was basically a slave child,” he said in an interview with People. “I started working at 3 years old, and it wasn’t my choice,” the actor continued to say about parental involvement in his life.