‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’: Ending Explained


If the ending of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on Netflix confused you a little, you’re not alone. Here’s what that ending meant and what fans are taking away with them now that the Breaking Bad saga has completed. (Except, of course, for Better Call Saul, which still has one more season to go.)

This story will have major spoilers for El Camino and Breaking Bad. 

Jesse Is Starting a New Life

In the end, thanks to getting enough money to pay the “Vacuum Cleaner Guy” (otherwise known as Ed Galbraith) Jesse is able to start a new life. He’s given a new identity, including a new Social Security number and a new background. He memorizes all those details and practices them with the “Vacuum Cleaner Guy,” who is also known as the Disappearer in Breaking Bad.

Jesse is going to live in Alaska now and enjoy a new life where he’s not on the run. He’s also free from anyone who might know about his meth-making abilities and try to kidnap him. The downside is that he’ll never be able to visit his family or Brock again. But he will be free and he won’t be in captivity. He likely chose Alaska because of his talk with Mike, which was in the flashback we saw at the beginning of the movie. Mike put Alaska in Jesse’s mind, telling him it was the “final frontier” that still needed to be explored. And now Jesse is going to do that exploring.

His flashback with Walt at the diner points to what lies ahead for Jesse, too. It took place to give fans a better idea of what Jesse is going to do next and it showed the difference between Jesse and Walt. Walt was trapped by his need for power. Jesse had his whole future ahead of him then and he still does. Getting involved with Walt nearly destroyed that and it inflicted some PTSD issues he’ll likely be dealing with for a while. But Jesse how has the freedom to pursue dreams he could never chase after otherwise.

At the diner, he had ideas for what he wanted to do with his life outside of Walt. Now, perhaps, he will finally be able to pursue those dreams.


His flashback scene with his deceased girlfriend Jane also hinted at that. That flashback showed that he can control his own destiny now and not let the universe just take him where it wants – something that Jane was never able to do.

As for the letter that he wrote and gave to Galbraith, that was being sent to Brock Cantillo. Brock is the son of Jesse’s deceased girlfriend Andrea Cantillo. He’s the reason Jesse didn’t try to escape his imprisonment. His captors had threatened to kill Brock if he tried to escape, and they proved it on Breaking Bad by killing Brock’s mom. So for Jesse, Brock is really important.

Jesse spent a lot of time helping Andrea and Brock and trying to give them a better life. To him, Brock is almost like his own son, even if they’re not biologically related. Brock was the only person that Jesse wanted to give a goodbye note to, since he can never speak to Brock again.

And now with that letter written, Jesse is heading off toward a new life. His story has ended with hope.

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