‘El Camino’: Top Easter Eggs & Callbacks to ‘Breaking Bad’


Fans have noticed quite a few Breaking Bad Easter eggs in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting Easter eggs that fans have noticed so far on the Netflix movie. This article will have major spoilers for El Camino and Breaking Bad. 

Numerous ‘Breaking Bad’ Easter Eggs & Callbacks Can Be Seen in ‘El Camino’

The spider that Todd had in his room belonged to the kid he shot on Breaking Bad, Drew Sharp. There’s also a figurine of a boy who looks dead in the spider’s aquarium, and that might be a reference to the dead boy. Todd is truly a psychopath.


The shot in Todd’s apartment before the shot of Twister’s is of Dirty Bourbon Bar. This bar was right next door to Saul’s law office.

Holly Street, near Todd’s apartment, is a reference to Walt’s daughter Holly.

When Jesse searched for money under the sink, it was likely a reference to when Jesse hid blue in his kitchen on Breaking Bad. And all the money that Todd had was likely his portion from the money they made off Jess’s meth.

Todd’s strangling his cleaning lady was a reference to Jesse strangling Todd in the Breaking Bad finale. Perhaps that’s why Jesse chose that method to kill Todd on Breaking Bad. More likely it was simply because Jesse had a chain around his waist while he was imprisoned and that was the easiest weapon for him to use. But Todd’s method of killing the cleaning lady is still an interesting callback to Breaking Bad.

Here’s the scene where Jesse killed Todd:

Breaking Bad – "Felina" – Jesse kills Todd2013-09-30T05:01:27.000Z

Jesse’s meth was 96 percent pure, and on El Camino he was 96 percent sure that Ed Galbraith was the Disappearer. And that, like he said, was good enough.

The snow globe in Todd’s apartment was likely supposed to be a reference to Todd and Lydia from Breaking Bad, since Todd was in love with Lydia.


The beetle that crawled over Jesse’s hand was a callback to the beetle that Jesse examined as it walked on the pavement in Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 6, Peekaboo. In that episode, Skinny Pete crushed the beetle.

The painting in Jesse’s parent’s house was a fox-hunting scene, which symbolizes Jesse being hunted. (Thanks to Redditor u/RunDNA for that one.)


The two stacks of cash that Badger and Skinny Pete give Jesse might be a callback to the stacks of cash that Walt gave them when he paid them to pretend to be hitmen on Gretchen and Elliot.

Breaking Bad Epic SceneBreaking Bad Laser hitmen Bryan Cranston Epic Scene breaking bad Badger and Skinny Pete :D2013-10-03T17:52:41.000Z


The flashback with Jesse and Walt at the diner on El Camino takes place after the episode “Four Days Out,” when the RV died and they were trapped in the desert.

This is why Jesse is so thirsty and eating so much in the flashback, and why he’s telling Walt that he needs to stay hydrated. Also, in “Four Days Out,” Walt asks Jesse if he bought some healthy green food to eat, so Jesse’s doing just that at the diner.

Some fans think the location where Mike and Jesse talked in the flashback at the beginning of the movie is the same place where Walt would later shoot and kill Mike on Breaking Bad.  Here’s the scene from Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad – 'Walt kills Mike' (HD)A memorable clip from Breaking Bad – Season 5: Episode 7, 'Say My Name' BreakingBadPremium2013-09-18T09:29:45.000Z

Finally, fans have pointed out that it looked like there was a crawl space at Jesse’s parent’s home during El Camino. Jesse doesn’t even acknowledge it, but in Breaking Bad, Walt had a literal breakdown in a crawl space.

Breaking Bad Crawl Space Ending HDWalt loses it once he discovers Skyler has gave away their money.2017-07-05T19:08:14.000Z

Jesse not acknowledging the crawl space could be a symbolic way of showing that Jesse has a far different future than Walt. That scene may have hinted at the hope waiting for Jesse at the end. Do you agree?

The ending of the movie is highly reminiscent of how the series ended, with Jesse driving away. Only this time, rather than laughing hysterically and fleeing destruction, Jesse is driving into his future full of hope and promise.

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