Eterneva on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Eterneva is a diamond business founded by Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar. They will be appearing on Shark Tank to pitch their business, in the hopes that an investor will help them expand their reach.

Eterneva is a business that makes diamonds from the ashes of loved ones, so that people may have a unique keepsake to help keep the memory of departed loves ones alive. Read on to learn more about Archer and Ozar, their respective backgrounds, and how they plan to expand their business moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know about Eterneva:

1. Eterneva Offers a Variety of Diamond Colors & Sizes to Honor Passed Loved Ones

Eterneva takes the ashes of loved ones and compresses them down to create a diamond keepsake. The business offers a variety of different diamond colors and sizes in making the keepsakes. “Having gone through the diamond process ourselves, we learned peace of mind is everything,” the website reads. “Consequently, we go above and beyond other companies by how we care for your loved one’s ashes, our quality control measures, and our transparent communication at every stage.”

“The diamond is a symbol that is earned by the loved one who passed,” the site added. “A symbol that their character had the power to make people better versions of themselves. We strive to share that remarkable character with the world.” The process for compressing ashes into a diamond takes seven steps and several months to perform.

These steps include carbon purification, which isolates the carbon from all the other elements found in ashes or hair. After purifying and extracting the remains, the result is a carbon graphite powder that is the basis for the diamond. You can read the full seven-step process and gage prices by clicking here.

2. Archer Came Up With the Idea After Losing a Loved One & Mentor

Adelle Archer thought up the concept for Eterneva after suffering a personal tragedy. “In 2015, my mentor Tracey was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and given three months to live. She was only 47 years old,” Archer revealed. “A senior executive at a tech company in Austin, she had already accomplished much yet really was just getting started. She was afraid that she would die before having had the chance to create a legacy.

“What she didn’t know was that she had already made her mark on the world,” Archer continued. “When news of her diagnosis spread, people wrote to her with stories of how she had personally impacted their lives. Tracey died knowing that she had left the legacy she always wanted. As a guardian of Tracey’s ashes, I chose to have them turned into a black diamond to capture her sparkling spirit, and ensure that her legacy lives on.”

“It’s in Tracey’s honor that I’m working to help thousands of families preserve their own loved ones’ legacies,” Archer concluded.

3. It Costs an Estimated $7K to Turn a Loved One’s Ashes Into a Diamond

Archer told Patch that the role of Eterneva is to honor those who have passed, and to help customers keep their stories alive. She also said that Eterneva helps spark a conversation about topics like death and grief. “From a cultural standpoint, we’re not good about that,” she admitted. “But we’re really seeing things change on the national stage, and more people talk about their lost loved ones.”

Archer and Ozar pointed out that cremation is an increasingly popular alternative to burial, given the lower cost. They similarly observed that diamonds can be pricey, and that by combining the two in one, they are providing a useful and affordable service. The average price for turning a loved one’s ashes into a diamond is $7,000.

According to Working Woman Report, Eterneva generated $280,000 in sales in the fourth quarter of 2017 and projects $2 million in sales for 2018. Archer and Ozar will be looking for a Shark Tank investor to help them expand their national brand.

4. Archer & Ozar Want to Help Honor the Memory of Passed Loved Ones

Archer said that she and Ozar are focused on celebrating the memory of passed loved ones. “My partner Garrett and I are both extremely growth-oriented people, so as leaders of Eterneva, we’re both obsessed with constant improvement,” she told Medium. “It’s really energizing to have a partner like that. We reflect on what could be done better, push the boundary on growth and work hard to have the best people involved with Eterneva.”

“The biggest motivation for us though is getting to see the difference we make in people’s lives. Knowing that you’re bringing brightness to a dark time, honoring someone’s legacy, and potentially changing someone relationship to their grief is awe-inspiring,” she continued. “We want to learn as much as we can about legacy, and grieving, so we can transform the way our society thinks about around death, dying, grief and ultimately celebrating lives well-lived.”

5. Archer Said Her ‘Shark Tank’ Experience Was ‘Incredible’

Archer told Patch that she was both surprised and excited to find out that she would be appearing on Shark Tank. “It’s pretty incredible when you have an email from Shark Tank inviting you on the show,” she recalled. “It’s a really big deal.”

While Archer was unable to speak on the results of her pitch, she did admit that the panel of investors were taken aback by their business. “A lot of the reaction was wait, what?” she joked. Archer also said that there was no pre-planned interaction with the panel, and that everything you see on the episode is what really happened. “What you see is genuine,” she assured.