Who Is Jackson’s New Love Interest on ‘Grey’s Anatomy?’

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Now that things with Maggie are over, Jackson is back on the market. But it may not be for long. During last week’s season 16 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, we already saw a potential romance developing with Station 19’s Vic Hughes.

What do we know about how the relationship will progress? What do the show’s producers and showrunners have to say about the budding relationship? Read on.

Jackson & Maggie Split during the Season 16 Premiere

Jackson and Maggie split during the season 16 premiere. In a brutal confession, Jackson called their relationship “broken” beyond repair. In a recent interview with ET, showrunner Krista Vernoff shared of their breakup, “I feel like it was a long time coming. I felt like Maggie and Jackson had a fight that very nearly broke them up in [the seventh] episode [last season]. And so, by the time they were having that fight in [the finale], it felt to me like they were saying things that they couldn’t really come back from. I love both of these actors and I love their work together as a couple, and I’m loving their work together as a couple with a bad and difficult breakup. It’s all exciting.”

Asked if she thinks they’re broken “beyond repair”, Vernoff added, “Maggie and Jackson, they’ve had a really painful breakup. It is painful to break up period, but when you break up when your parents are married to each other, which means you’ve got to stay in each other’s sphere, and you work together in the same hospital, which means you’ve got to see each other every day and one of you has jumped immediately into something new, that is not easy. I’m not going to pretend that it gets easy anytime soon.”

After their breakup, it didn’t take long for Jackson to begin flirting with Vic, who coincidentally helped him during his foggy camping trip disaster.

In the premiere episode, Vic tells Jackson that she recently lost her fiance– firefighter Chief Ripley from Station 19. The big twist? Vic’s fiance was Maggie’s patient.

Vic Could Be in ‘Grey’s for Long Haul

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 will be crossing over regularly now that Krista Vernoff is the showrunner of both series.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Vernoff shared, “I’m thrilled to continue at the helm of Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m honored and energized by the opportunity to run Station 19, as well… To expand upon the world Stacy McKee created, and further merge it with the world of Grey’s, is an exciting challenge.”

In a joint statement, Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes and producing partner Betsy Beers said, “We are so proud of Krista and [How to Get Away With Murder showrunner/creator] Pete [Nowalk] and the work they do. Making the choice to have Krista oversee Station 19 was easy — the creativity she brings to the Grey’s Anatomy universe continues a tradition of storytelling we hold dear.”

But the consistent crossing over means that Maggie and Jackson could be done for good and Jackson’s relationship with Vic could really begin to flourish. How will that sit with Maggie? Only time will tell.

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