Joe and Teresa Giudice’s Cheating Allegations Over the Years

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Getty Are Teresa Giudice and husband Joe getting a divorce? At this time, divorce rumors have not been confirmed, and Teresa plans to keep fighting to keep Joe in the states.

Over the years, Teresa and Joe Giudice have battled cheating rumors and have maintained that there was no infidelity, but they may be taking a different stance now that their marriage is on the rocks. With Joe Giudice getting deported to Italy, Teresa has stated that she will not move to be with him. In an interview with Andy Cohen, they each address cheating rumors and it sounds like neither one of them believes the other was faithful.

Read on below for the cheating allegations over the years and currently for both Joe and Teresa.

Did Joe Giudice Cheat on His Wife?

While the couple was on Real Housewives of New Jersey together, Joe Giudice was accused several times of cheating on his wife. Former cast member Jacqueline Laurita said at one of the reunions that Teresa Giudice told her a story about catching her husband with another woman at work. And, on an episode of RHONJ, Joe was overheard on the phone in what appeared to be a secretive and inappropriate conversation with someone. He later claimed that he was on the phone with a co-worker.

While Teresa served time in jail, there were reports that Joe was cheating. On an episode of Watch What Happens Live from February 2016, Andy Cohen talked to Teresa about the cheating allegations surrounding her husband while she was serving time in jail. Cohen is and asked her about her reactions to all the tabloid stories.

Teresa’s response was, ‘You know, I saw them because the girls would get their magazines there. One of them, of a matter of fact, was one of our friends that Joe was down in AC with them and had him take a picture with this blonde that was a friend of his and then he sold the story. And then we found out that he was having money problems … Listen Andy, I think by now you know me. If I didn’t want to be with Joe, I wouldn’t be with Joe. If Joe didn’t want to be with me, he wouldn’t be with me.”

A woman named Jamie Jackson was rumored to be a mistress of Joe Giudice. In Touch Weekly stated that in 2015, Giudice and Jackson were seen “full-on making out” at the Tropicana hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Does Teresa Giudice Have a New Boyfriend?

On the upcoming season 10 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa is accused of dating a younger man while her husband is in prison. In February 2019, Teresa was photographed with a 26-year-old man named Blake Schreck and there were rumors he is her boyfriend or “boy toy”. Us Weekly reported that Teresa and Blake were photographed holding hands during a night out in Florida, on Saturday, February 16, 2019.

Giudice’s attorney, James Leonard Jr., spoke out against the rumors surrounding the photographs of Giudice and Schreck holding hands. According to Page Six, at the time that these reports surfaced, Giudice’s lawyer reported, “This is a story about someone helping a woman who had some wine and was wearing high heels to her car. That’s what you see in those pictures. There is no cheating, no divorce, no scandal, and no story.”

There were also previously rumors that Teresa was flirting and getting handsy with a man in his 20s, at a Miami hotspot for New Year’s Eve 2018, but her lawyer shut down the reports. Her attorney stated that, “Teresa was out celebrating New Year’s Eve with a large group of men and women while she was in Miami. They are all friends and have all known each other for a significant period of time. It’s a night out with friends, nothing more than that.”

On the season 9 reunion of RHONJ, Andy Cohen asked Teresa if she had been cheating on Joe while he was away and she said “no”.

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