Kailyn Lowry Baby Daddy 3: Who Is Lux’s Father Chris Lopez?

Kailyn Lowry, Chris Lopez, Teen Mom 2

Instagram Kailyn Lowry's ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez is her third baby daddy and the father of her son Lux. Here's what we know about their relationship.

Kailyn Lowry, star of the hit reality series Teen Mom 2is put in a tough situation with her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, who is also the father of her son Lux. Lowry and Lopez had a rocky relationship while the two were together, and their on-again, off-again relationship was documented on season 8 of Teen Mom 2.

The synopsis for tonight’s 7 p.m. episode of Teen Mom 2 reads, “Leah faces another health scare with Addie. Jade and Sean reach a boiling point, forcing her to move out. Briana is torn when she gets a suspicious DM about John. Adam surprises Aubree. Lux’s father puts Kailyn in a difficult situation.”

So who is Lux’s father, and why aren’t he and Lowry still together? Here’s what we know about Chris Lopez and his relationship with Lowry and Lux:

Lowry & Lopez Split After He ‘Humiliated’ Her With a Cheating Scandal

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According to In Touch, Lowry first became romantically involved with Lopez in December 2015 after meeting at Delaware State College — shortly after she filed for divorce from her husband of four years, Javi Marroquin. The couple dated on and off throughout the next few years before things went south and the two officially ended their relationship. Lowry ended up calling it quits after claiming he “humiliated” her at a baby shower.

“We don’t talk. It’s been 8 weeks-ish. Things were good after the launch party, they were fine, it just didn’t work out,” the mother-of-three said during the Teen Mom 2 reunion earlier this year. “I threw a baby shower for his best friend and found out one of the girls that he cheated on me with was sitting next to me the whole time and I had no idea, and she did, and he did, and I sat there and didn’t find out till the end so I was humiliated.”

She continued: “The sad part is that I tried to keep him out of my story line for so long but he was affecting, our relationship was affecting all aspects of my life that it boiled over into Teen Mom.

Although the couple had a rocky relationship and weren’t on good terms for a good portion of the year, Lowry still has pictures of her ex on social media and occasionally uploads pictures of Lopez with their son Lux.

Lowry Called Lopez  Her ‘First True Love’

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Lux’s parents ??‍♀️

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The 27-year-old reality star has opened up about her relationship with Lopez in the past, writing about it on her personal blog. Although her previous breakups (specifically with Marroquin, Lincoln’s father, and Jo Rivera, Issac’s father) hurt, she said the split from Lopez stung on a more personal level because Lopez was her “first true love.”

“I believe Lux’s dad was my first true love…I know, weird, when I had two kids with two other people,” she wrote. “Breaking up with Isaac and Lincoln’s dads was upsetting because I felt like my kids lost the family aspect that I craved so badly for them. But this was different.”

She said their breakup was her first “real” heartbreak, because she “loved someone and was in love with someone,” and she felt like she was “abandoned during such a vulnerable time.” And although she and Lopez are no longer together, she did say at one point that she would consider having another child with Lopez, according to Pop Culture.

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