Kanye West Misses Another Release Date, Twitter Reacts

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Kanye West has done it again. The rapper announced that his latest album, Jesus Is King, would be released at midnight on Friday, October 25, after several missed dates. That said, midnight has arrived, and there is no new music.

The fact that the album has been pushed back again, combined with West’s insistence that it would drop, has fans pretty upset. Read on for a rundown of the best memes and Twitter reactions to the Jesus Is King delay. Or rather, the latest delay.

UPDATE: The album is now available on streaming services.

Some fans took issue with the fact that West has been promoting a truthful and peaceful lifestyle, and yet he continues to deceive fans by getting their hopes up. “Can’t believe Kanye West and Kim Kardashian lied multiple times about the release date of the album Jesus Is King when it actually features a song called ‘On God,'” wrote one user.

A separate fan felt that West was merely trolling the rest of the internet. “Remember when someone said, ‘One day Kanye west will release an empty album and tell his fans to imagine the music?’ I think this is it, Jesus Is King is the album we are supposed to be imagined,” they tweeted.

Other users were disappointed by the entire rollout for the album, and vowed to not get their hopes up again. “This is the one that broke me. I’m so disappointed and angry,” a dejected fan wrote. “At myself, of course, for believing that @kanyewest would actually release music.” A second fan pointed out that West’s actions leading up to the release date implied that it was genuine. “Being a Kanye fan is rough,” he remarked. “How are you going to make an interview, tweet the release date, make a playlist on spotify, and drop some f**king merch and still not drop the album.”

There are others who have pointed out that West created a playlist for Jesus Is King on Spotify, but the playlist remains empty. It’s unclear whether the rapper is simply toying with fans or actually plans to drop the album in the playlist at some point on Friday. “Yo, Kanye really created a playlist for Jesus Is King, but the album ain’t even in there or drop at all,” a fan pointed out. “This is some next level foolery.”

There is some confusion surrounding the album’s latest delay. Some have speculated that it will be released at midnight PST which would equate to 3 a.m. EST time. Albums are generally released on EST time, but West tweeted out that he’s working on the final mix and that he is not going to sleep “until the album is out.”

While the album has yet to land on streaming services, West has made Jesus Is King available for purchase on his website. He is offering vinyl copies of the album, along with a digital copy. The vinyl and digital combo comes out to $25, while the CD and digital combo comes out to $13. Those who simply want a digital copy of the album can purchase it for $10 and add it as a pre-order option on both Spotify and Apple Music. Click here for more details.

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