Kanye West References Drake on New ‘YANDHI’ Snippet

Getty Kanye West and Drake.

Kanye West has no release date in sight for Jesus Is King, but snippets of his music continue to appear online. The latest snippet sees West make reference to Drake and the beef they had in 2018. He claims that he did not play a part in Pusha T’s scathing diss track, despite claims that he supplied Pusha with personal information about Drake.

The snippet, which has since been taken down, sees him address the Drake situation point blank. “My own city turned they back on me,” he raps. “They thought I told Push about Drake’s son, god damn.” The bars allude to Pusha’s diss track “The Story of Adidon,” which shocked many listeners by revealing that Drake had fathered a child with an adult film star. The diss track caused some damage to Drake’s reputation, and led many to believe that Pusha (and West, by association) had won the beef.

West References His 2018 Beef with Drake In a New Snippet

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During an interview on the LeBron James series The Shop, Drake talked about the beef and how he felt West had betrayed his trust. He believes that West was the person who told Pusha about his son, and therefore provided him with the necessary ammunition for the diss. “I’m in Wyoming. I play him ‘March 14.’ I send him a picture of my son,” Drake recalls. “I tell him I’m having trouble with my son’s mother.”

West fired back with a series of tweets that have since been deleted. He accused Drake of playing the victim, and denied leaking the information about his son. “I’ve never mentioned or touched on anything related to family when it came to Drake,” West claimed. “He followed my wife on Instagram he mentioned Pusha’s fiancé in a song.”

West Denies Leaking Information About Drake’s Infant Son

“He dodged me for months when I extended olive branches to talk and then called to threaten me,” West continued. “This man tried to used my family’s song to get at me. He been trying to pick a fight since the pool line. Who’s bright idea was it to tell Drake to follow my wife on Instagram? This person is not Drskes [sic] friend.”

In the leaked snippet, West also makes reference to rapper J. Cole. The snippet begins with the line “… like J. Cole, damn,” so it is unclear whether the line is meant as a diss or a shoutout. If its the latter, than it won’t be the first time that West has gone after Cole. An early version of the West and Pusha collaboration “What Would Meek Do?” sees him take aim at the younger emcee.

“I am the Don of Vuitton/I am the Sean of Sean John/That’s the boss, n***a… I’m too complex for ComplexCon,” West raps. “You heard Cole on that song, he was tryna hate.” This came after Kanye claimed that Cole is “always dissing him.” Hopefully West opts to release the entire track soon, so that fans can determine what he’s saying about both Drake and J. Cole.