LISTEN: Kanye West Releases ‘YANDHI’ Album as Ringtones

Getty Kanye West performs onstage.

Kanye West continues to befuddle fans. After delaying Jesus Is King multiple times over the weekend, the rapper has dropped YANDHI, an album thought to be shelved, on iTunes. There’s a catch, however. Rather than release the album in a conventional manner, West has decided to upload it as a series of individual ringtones.

A few Reddit users discovered the ringtones on the iTunes Store, and each is available to download for $1.29 USD. You can check out a video preview of the iTunes window, as well as a snippet of one of the album cuts, below. The tracks that appear as ringtones include “Alien,” “We Got Love,” and “New Body.”

Kanye West Has Released ‘YANDHI’ as Individual Ringtones on the iTunes Store

“New Body” is especially interesting, given that it’s meant to appear on West’s upcoming release Jesus Is King. Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign were featured on the original version, and Minaj was scheduled to re-record her verse. It’s unclear as to whether “New Body” will make the final Jesus Is King tracklist or whether it will remain an oddity on the iTunes Store.

Other tracks that are currently available as ringtones include “80 Degrees,” “We’ll Find a Way,” “Bye Bye” and “Laws of Attraction.” The latter is another head-scratching inclusion on West’s part, given that the track is rumored to appear on Jesus Is King and feature guest artists Clipse and Kenny G. “Laws of Attraction” leaked under the name “Chakras” in June 2018.

‘YANDHI’ Was Originally Set for a September 2018 Release Before Suffering Internet Leaks

Angel Lopez, an affiliate of the group who produced the track, issued a statement that condemned the leak. “When music is leaked, the essence of our collaborations, our crafts, and our livelihood are jeopardized,” Lopez wrote on Instagram. “The leaking of music isn’t for the fans or for the love of music; it’s an invasion of privacy, a violation to all artists and creatives involved and a disservice to the art of music.” Read the full post here.

YANDHI was originally set for release in September 2018. Confirmed features on the album included Ty Dolla $ign, 6ix9ine and the late XXXTentacion, but the album was delayed after a series of high-profile leaks derailed its roll-out. Pusha T talked about the leaks and how they inhibit artists like West and himself on Twitter. “I hate it, luckily we are talented beyond measure and can always cook up more,” he wrote. “But I honestly hate it for the sake of making an event of a song or project, it ruins all that we have in store for u guys.”

West Has Not Announced When He Plans to Release ‘YANDHI’ Officially

It’s unclear what West has planned for YANDHI. It’s possible that the ringtone release could be a means of drawing buzz, and building up momentum for the album, or merely a bonus for eagle-eyed fans. An official release date for YANDHI has not been announced.

YANDHI is not the only album that fans have gotten to hear in a truncated form. Despite the fact that West pushed back the Jesus Is King release date, audio from the album’s listening session in New York has made its way online. Click the link below for more details on the Jesus Is King leak.

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