Lara Heller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lara Heller

Getty Actress Lara Heller arrives to the screening of the movie The Cut.

Lara Heller is an actress and a former professional athlete. Born in Brighton, England, Heller is best known for her roles in The Cut (playing twins Lucine and Arsine) and Troy-The Odyssey (Shadow Warrior).

Lara Heller’s recent work includes “Always a Bridesmaid” directed by Trey Haley and written by Yvette Nicole Brown. She has also just wrapped on a drama called “Stardust,” which is directed by Gabriel Range and written by Christopher Bell.

Here is what you need to know about Lara Heller:

1. Lara Heller Has a Law Degree From The London School of Economics

Lara Heller

GettyActress Lara Heller arrives for the screening of the movie The Cut.

The actress is a graduate of The London School of Economics in Holborn, London. She also obtained her M.A. in Acting from Arts Educational Schools London. In an interview with The Hype Magazine, Heller, stated that her background in law has really helped her self-confidence and has come in handy during contract negotiations.

“A legal background certainly helps when it comes to reviewing contracts. It is a very versatile degree, and I am all for people in the arts pursuing alternative education. Just like when people in the medical and financial sector explore their artistic voices. My time at law school really helped me with self-confidence and training the memory.”

2. She Used to Be a Professional Figure Skater and Enjoys Water Sport Activities

She started developing an interest in skating at the age of six. It would later become something that would help define her as an adult, and she still enjoys going ice skating when her schedule allows it.

“Skating was a big part of my life. I started when I was six-years-old. It was a big part of my childhood and has helped define me as an adult. I still love to be on the ice-it’s an opportunity to play. It’s a freeing feeling to glide and dance on the ice, and it takes me back to when I was a kid.”

Lara Heller BoardflyingFlyboarding-training in watersports.2013-12-01T10:51:01.000Z

According to Heller’s biography page, she is intrigued by action roles and uses water sports such as water skiing, surfing, swimming, flyboarding, and diving to train for stunt scenes. She also participates in dance, which includes contemporary, jazz, waltz, salsa and Persian dancing.

3. Lara Is Fluent in 4 Different Languages

Lara Heller 15 accents in 2 minutesLara Heller is an action actress with a background in screen fighting. She performs in 4 languages fluently; English, German, French and Persian and can switch between 15 different accents. Lara first came to public attention as the actress in The Cut, which won the Vittorio Veneto Award at the Venice Film Festival. The story…2013-03-04T12:24:57.000Z

Lara speaks English, German, French, Persian and can quickly switch between 15 different accents.

In her interview with The Hype Magazine, Heller shared her favorite dishes in from each country.

“In Germany, during Christmas, they serve crispy potato pancakes. It is almost like hash browns, and you have it with applesauce. As for America, I have to say the Hamburgers are incredible! The Guacamole and chips in LA are on another level as well. I also just discovered cornbread- love it! Persian rice dishes are divine, and the French have a lot of delicious desserts that I can’t resist.”

4. Recently Finished Shooting Her Upcoming Movie, ‘Synth’

The film explores artificial intelligence, and the project is based on a real event, in Hong Kong by a company called Hanson Robotics. The company created a robot based on Audrey Hepburn’s face, which was the first AI to receive citizenship in the world. The movie ‘Synth’ delves into the future of AI.

Heller plays a character by the name of Anza, who is a scientist that is dedicated to her work in trying to create an A.I. The self-learning robot has a limitation placed on it by the government. The project was filmed in Los Angeles due to specific resources, which were available there and were convenient for the cast and crew.

According to a recent interview with The Argus, Heller stated the film will explore the fight between scientists, who want no restrictions as it pertains to A.I. and those who understand the needs for rules that go along with any new discovery.

“Our film explores the commercialization of AI. We look at how humans and robots alike use self-awareness, manipulation, empathy, and sexuality to communicate. Our goal is to test an audience’s sympathies and challenge our preconceptions.”

5. Heller Featured in Popular Video Game NBA 2K20

Earlier this month, Heller shared via Instagram, that she loved being a part of the epic game. She praised Thomas Middleditch, who plays a sports agent, as well as the director, Sheldon Candis. NBA2K was produced by Springhill Entertainment owned and operated by LeBron James and Maverick Carter.

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Back in May, Lara shared that she just worked on a video game that would be released in September, which she was unable to share details of at the time.

“I just shot a video game, which will be out in September,” Heller told The Hype Magazine.

Recently Heller shared via email that she will be playing a character named Twiggy that will appear in the “My Career” mode in NBA 2K20. NBA 2k20 was released on September 6th.
Heller will also be playing a French character by the name of Lily in a film called “Always A Bridesmaid,” that is slated to be released October 25 of this year.

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