Laurel’s Disappearance on How to Get Away With Murder

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As the final season of How to Get Away with Murder continues, the stakes are getting higher for characters that fans have come to know. “We’re All Gonna Die” is the ominous title of tonight’s new episode which revolves around one of the most talked-about mysteries. As viewers try to unravel a disappearance, there’s more family drama yet to come.

Since the end of Season 5, fans have been wondering about the fate of Laurel. This season, the premiere pushed theories even further with some not so subtle hints. The episode, titled “Say Goodbye”, saw Annalise trying to keep her group together as they struggled with the sudden disappearance. One of the biggest challenges for Frank, Bonnie, and Oliver was finding a theory they could agree on. With so many thoughts out there, the group couldn’t reach an agreement on what happened.

Clues to Laurel’s Disappearance Are Slowly Coming

The clues are coming slowly as to Laurel’s disappearance. In a recent episode, Frank did find an intriguing hint that leaves more questions than answers. The missing member of the Keating five had a safe deposit box and suddenly it was cleaned out. The question Frank has to answer is whether it was Laurel herself or someone else with access that took whatever was inside.

With Oliver’s help, another important piece of information came to light. Frank reviews security footage and sees someone that looks like her leaving the bank. Of course, it could be something more than meets the eye with what appears the video. One possibility is she was acting not of her own free will. In previous episodes, it was revealed that Laurel was a victim of kidnapping earlier in her life. While it turned out to be her own father, the family dynamic might still be at play. It could also be that her previous experience with this type of crime prepared her for what’s happening now. The answer may also be Laurel herself orchestrated the events for an unknown reason.

Don’t expect the storyline to wrap up anytime soon. As of the first episodes to air in November, HTGAWM is still keeping the mystery open. It might just be an answer that stays unresolved until the final episode airs.

Annalise and Michaela Have Their Own Drama in Tonight’s Episode

It’s not just Laurel’s disappearance that’s a part of the storyline. Annalise revisits her past during an intense therapy session. The results push her to deal with elements in reality that she’s been hesitant to address. These events could also prove to be an explosive element for the lead character. It would open her up to vulnerabilities that may cost her everything going forward.

Michela is also up for growing a relationship with her father. In a bid to get closer to the man she hardly knows, the character takes on a job that will bring them together. It’s not exactly what she hopes it will be and the results could affect their relationship going forward. It’s been a tumultuous subject this season. Earlier, Annalise and Michaela had a confrontation about her father. The results were so explosive that Michaela even avoided the pivotal class afterward. All would be resolved though as Annalise helped guide the protege back to her winning ways. It all came about as she brought back the thought of Sam to guide the case to a conclusion.