Levi & Vivi’s Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ellen Meets Viral Toddler SiblingsEllen welcomed 3-year-old Levi, who went viral after helping his 2-year-old sister Vivi escape from her crib so she could sleep in his bed. The toddlers and their parents, Valerie and Chris, chatted about the video and the kids’ special bond. Ellen also had a Disney World surprise for the family! Brought to you by:…2019-10-30T13:00:19.000Z

Valerie Rokhlin and Chris Lapierre are the parents of Levi and Vivi, the stars of one of the biggest viral videos of 2019. The video, which was uploaded in October 2019, showed Levi helping his younger sister to get out of her crib so that she can sleep in his bed. On October 30, the whole family was featured on an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” DeGeneres surprised the family following their appearance with a trip to Disneyworld.

The Santa Monica based-Rokhlin, 36, told Ellen that the footage was shot a few months before the family decided to share the adorable video publicly. The video sees Vivi, unable to sleep, when she calls out to her brother, Levi, for help. Levi and Vivi then talk about the prospect of Vivi sleeping in her brother’s bed. Then Levi helps Vivi escape her crib by giving her stool to which she replies, “Tank you, Levi.”

When Vivi escapes, she realizes that she has forgotten her doll. Levi tells his sister, “We’ll get your baby. I’ll get your baby.” After Levi retrieves the doll, the pair sleep but not before one more, “Tank you, Levi,” from Vivi.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Video Has Been Viewed Over 5 Million Times

The original version of the video has been viewed over 1.2 million times. It was uploaded on October 8. On October 10, Rokhlin posted on her Instagram page saying that the video had been viewed over five million times on the Daily Mail’s website.

2. Rokhlin Works at a Company That Licenses Viral Videos & Has Been Referred to as an ‘Internet Mob Boss’

The video was first uploaded by Jukin Media. Valerie Rokhlin has worked with the company since March 2017. According to her LinkedIn page, Rokhlin is the company’s west coast director of sales.

In August 2018, Mashable compared Jukin Media to an “internet mob boss.” The article says that the company has over 50,000 videos in their library. The company seeks out viral content and buys the rights or enters into a profit share with the creator. Then, Jukin Media tries to license that video to television shows and such.

3. Following the Family’s Viral Success, Rokhlin Said They’re All Still Pinching Themselves

Rokhlin demonstrated the love and friendship between her children in a July 2019 Instagram post in which she said that she asked Levi if he loved his little sister. Levi responded by saying, “Yep! She’s my best friend! and you’re her best friend!” On her Instagram bio, Rokhlin describes herself as, “Proud momma of Levi & Vivienne.”

In a post regarding the family’s appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” Rokhlin wrote, “We’re still pinching ourselves that we’re on @theellenshow !!!!!!! What a surreal ride this has been! Thank you for all the love!! ❤️.”

4. In 2011, Rokhlin & Lapierre Went on a 12-Month Long Honeymoon

In October 2011, Rokhlin and Lapierre’s honeymoon, nicknamed a “Megamoon,” was featured in an article for New York Magazine. In the piece, the couple said that they spent four months in Europe, three months in South America and three months in Southeast Asia on a budget of $80,000. The couple updated people every step of the way on their trip with the blog, Oh So Ready. In an August 2011 blog, Rokhlin said that she was born in Ukraine.

Rokhlin told the magazine that the couple came up with the idea of a round-the-world trip while they were in college together. Rokhlin said that the couple saved for two years for the trip and that she quit her job prior to leaving. While Lapierre was able to stay on his job in a consultancy capacity. Rokhlin said that the couple stayed in a mixture of two and three-star hotels. Rokhlin’s advice to couple’s seeking to do a similar trip was, “So many people have told us they wish they could do the same trip, and they can. You just have to get over the scariness of going against the grain.” Rokhlin then described her favorite memory as driving between Seville and Marbella in Spain and driving “through miles upon miles of nothing but sunflower fields.”

5. Rokhlin Has Previously Worked for the Washington Post & Warner Brothers

Rokhlin maintains a modeling page at Brand Talent’s website. According to her LinkedIn page, Rokhlin is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology where she she studied International Relations and Affairs. Since graduation, Rokhlin has worked in sales for companies such as the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and Warner Brothers.

Chris Lapierre says on his LinkedIn page that he graduated from Georgia State University in 2003 with a degree in business administration and accounting. At the time his children became viral sensations, Lapierre works as the head of sales operations for BlueSnap.

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