Luis D. Ortiz’s Relationship With His Baby’s Mother Nikita

Luis D. Ortiz stars on the series Million Dollar Listings New York

Getty Luis D. Ortiz attends an event honoring Gabrielle's Angel Foundation.

The past year has been a whirlwind for Million Dollar Listing New York‘s Luis D. Ortiz; the biggest reason being the birth of his daughter Leela. The story behind her has been one that fans of the series have closely followed. Full of a few mysteries, the reality star’s relationship with Leela’s mother Nikita could be one of the series’ most defining elements during this season.

After the fifth season of MDLNY, Ortiz took the real estate community as well as viewers by surprise by announcing his intention to leave not only the series but the profession altogether. During his time away, he spoke candidly about issues with depression and emotional issues, according to Reality Blurb.

Ortiz took to his Instagram page to reveal his personal struggles. In an Instagram post, he wrote, “What makes sense intellectually doesn’t seem to internalize which makes understanding how selfish this would be for the people that love me almost impossible to see. In fact, I argue that it is selfish of them to let me live in a place I have convinced myself I no longer want to be a part of. It’s a very stupid, ignorant and blind argument but once you have broken yourself down to the extent of no longer believing in any of your abilities and the value you bring to yourself, the people closest to you and the world you live in it’s extremely difficult to see it that way.” The post has since been deleted.

Ortiz’s Instagram profile was wiped of all photos and now features just a few photos, all of his daughter.

Luis D. Ortiz Is Not Dating His Baby’s Mother

Currently, Ortiz is not in a relationship with Nikita, but they do seem to have an amicable, platonic relationship. Million Dollar Listing New York took viewers into the delivery room for Leela’s birth and also gave them a chance to see her mom. Bravo reported that Ortiz spoke with fellow cast member Steve Gold about having his baby and he said, “There’s a girl that I’ve known for some time. Someone very amazing; someone very smart; someone very beautiful. Someone who is going to be a co-parent with me.” When asked about Ortiz’s relationship with his child’s mother, he said that they were not together but kept the door open with the teaser “for now.”

At the time of the conversation on the show, Gold was also expecting his first baby.

The Pregnancy Was A Surprise

THE DAY OUR DAUGHTER WAS BORNOn March 8, 2019 Leela was born. Everything after that became incredibly meaningful.2019-09-27T01:17:32.000Z
The reality star was open about the fact this was an unexpected occurrence in his life. During MDLNY, Ortiz has talked about receiving the surprising news. “Obviously, not planned, and, you know, there’s a lot more to the story, and I wish I could tell it,” Ortiz said. He has yet to expand on those comments through the series or on his social media accounts.

Prior to his daughter’s birth, Ortiz said that he would “love her no matter what. Like, true love” while speaking about his daughter’s birth on MDLNY. He also went on to say, “I don’t even know what that feels like or is, but I have the feeling that I’m about to find out.”

Since her birth, Leela has been a topic that Ortiz is happy to speak about, according to People. Whether it’s sharing pictures on Instagram or mentioning her in interviews, she is something that Ortiz has been a lot more open to talking about. “Remember when I told you I wasn’t ready for any of this? … I realize it doesn’t matter how prepared you are to being a father, you are never ready until the moment is there. And that in a way, is very poetic and very beautiful,” he said in a YouTube video he had put together. Have a look at the video above.

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