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Maddison Brown is an actress and model best known for her role as Kirby Anders on the CW show Dynasty.

The 22-year-old actress is not yet a household name in the United States, but Brown made headlines when she was spotted on a date with fellow Australian Liam Hemsworth. The pair enjoyed a meal at Sant Ambroeus in New York City’s West Village on Thursday, October 10, and later were seen holding hands while walking around the neighborhood.

It’s the first time Hemsworth has been seen out on a date with another woman since publicly splitting from wife Miley Cyrus in August.

Here’s what you need to know about Maddison Brown.

1. Maddison Brown Says Acting In ‘Strangerland’ Alongside Nicole Kidman Changed Her Life

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Maddison Brown earned her first television acting credit as a very young child. She played the role of Young Gina in the TV movie Go Big in 2004.

Brown’s first major movie role was alongside fellow Australian Nicole Kidman. Brown played Lily in the thriller movie Strangerland. She explained to Build Australia in September of 2019 that working with Kidman was a career-altering experience. Brown described Kidman as being very “nurturing” toward her during filming.

Brown explained, “The whole experience was wonderful… It changed my life. Because I was very much modeling at that time and that put me back on the acting path. I started acting when I was 5 years old and I did it until I was, like, 12. Then I started modeling.” Brown said that she told her mother during the filming of Strangerland, “I finally understand what it’s like to go to work and come home and like what you do.”

2. Brown Admits That Doesn’t Think She’d Get Along With Her ‘Dynasty’ Character In Real Life & That She Is Glued to Instagram When She Has Spare Time On Set

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Maddison Brown admitted in a September 2019 interview that she is hooked on social media. Radio and TV host Danny Clayton inquired about what she likes to do during downtime on the set of Dynasty, asking if she liked to read, listen to podcasts, or play videogames.

Brown responded, “I loathe to admit this, but I’m probably on Instagram.” She said she could spend exorbitant amounts of time scrolling through images while sitting in her trailer.

Brown also discussed her character on the CW show, Kirby Anders. She explained that she and her character have drastically different styles and that she doesn’t think she’d get along with Kirby in real life.

Brown also named Bridesmaids as her favorite movie and that she would love to do more comedic roles in the future.

3. Maddison Brown Has Been Modeling Professionally Since She Was a Teenager & Is Represented By Chic Management

Maddison Brown achieved a lot of success as a young teenage model. She is represented by the Australian agency Chic Management, and moved to New York City when she was 16. Her profile on the agency’s page lists some of her past modeling work, which has included walking the runway for designers House of Holland, Jasper Conran, and Lucas Nascimento.

Brown became a brand ambassador for Australian jeweler Jan Logan in 2016. In April of 2018, Brown was also selected to represent the 10th Witchery White Shirt Campaign by photographer Georges Antoni. The proceeds from the sale of 10 styles of white shirts benefited the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Brown has previously explained that she felt that her experience pursuing acting as a child helped to prepare her for the world of modeling because it taught her to have a thick skin. She told Wonderland Magazine in 2015, “Acting as a child helped me deal with rejection from a very young age… It made the first few years as a model easier.”

Brown’s height makes her an obvious choice for a runway model: she is 5’10”. (Liam Hemsworth is 6’3″).

4. Maddison Brown Expressed Admiration For Both Chris & Liam Hemsworth During a Podcast Game of ‘F, Marry Kill’

"F, Marry, Kill" with Liz Gillies & Maddison Brown#LizGillies & Maddison Brown play "F, Marry, Kill" with the cast of #Dynasty, #Victorious and Hot Australians! For More Interviews, Subscribe ►► Listen to the Podcast ►► Follow us: Twitter ►► Facebook ►► Instagram ►► Snapchat ►►… Zach ►► Dan ►► zachsangshow.com2019-06-13T21:31:06.000Z

Maddison Brown publicly expressed her opinion of Chris and Liam Hemsworth when she appeared on the Zach Sang Show alongside Dynasty co-star Liz Gillies in June of 2019. The hosts decided to play a game of “F, Marry, Kill” with the two actresses.

Brown asked for another go-round at about 6:20 in the video embedded above. The hosts decided to make it an Australian version. The initial choices were Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth and younger brother Liam. (This was after Brown said the hosts were not allowed to have Steve Irwin on the list, remarking that he is an “Australian legacy” and couldn’t be included). Gillies teased Brown, “Are you a brother lover?”

Brown stated, “I want both of the Hemsworths” and it was decided that for the purpose of the game, they were a package deal. One of the hosts added Margot Robbie to the list for Brown to select. Brown finally stated her choices at the end of the video: She chose to kill Hugh Jackman, marry Margot Robbie, and “F” both of the Hemsworth brothers “at the same time.” Brown joked about why she made that decision. “I couldn’t marry them, I’m too insecure. I’d be like, ‘you are too attractive, you are never allowed to leave the house.'”

5. Maddison Brown Has Said In the Past That She Isn’t Interested in Partying & Isn’t Focused On Fame

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Maddison Brown says she’s focused on performing well on her jobs and isn’t concerned about becoming famous. In an interview with Vogue Australia in October of 2018, she was asked about whether she had thought about the notoriety that could follow her casting on the CW’s Dynasty.

Brown responded that her own fame was not something she thought much about. “I don’t know if anyone really signs up for a show thinking that they’re going to become really famous… I’ve just been focusing on doing a good job and being present in the moment, and whatever arises, I’ll take it as it comes.”

Brown has always appeared to be level-headed about her career and how she conducts herself. She spoke with Vice in 2014, when she was 17 years old and living in the United States on her own. Brown explained that the experience made her feel older than she really was and that she never felt allured by the idea of partying.

She told the website, “I remember the first time I went overseas on my own my agent said, ‘now don’t get into the partying.’ And I was just like, trust me it’s not going to happen… When I get back my friends all talk about how crazy it was that I was living overseas by myself, but it’s not as fun as it sounds. I had to do my own washing and grocery shopping and it was just a lot of responsibility.”

In September of 2019, Brown talked about being on her own at a young age to Build Australia. She explained that she had always been very driven to succeed and that that ambition made her “petrified of doing anything wrong” to mess that up. Brown added that in school, she earned straight A’s and was never “naughty.” Brown also said that she and one of her older sisters have similar work ethics. One of Brown’s two older sisters played basketball for Australia at the Olympics.

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