What Happened to Maggie, Tara & Carol on ‘The Walking Dead’?

AMC Maggie, Carol and Tara on TWD

Maggie, Tara, and Carol seem to be missing from The Walking Dead Season 10 premiere on AMC tonight. Where are they? Here’s a quick recap on what happened to these characters and where they left off in Season 9. There will be a minor spoiler for the Season 10 premiere at the very end of this story, but a warning will be shared first. 

Tara Was Killed by The Whisperers at the End of Season 9


Tara was killed by the Whisperers in Episode 15 of Season 9. We learned about her death after Michonne, Daryl, and Carol found Siddiq tied up and bleeding, barely able to walk. On the top of a hill were pikes with heads on top of them. One of those heads was Tara’s.

Siddiq told the group that he was supposed to die with the others, but Alpha whispered, “Tell them.” When he woke up, he was alone, and he told the group about how they all died fighting as a unified group.

On Reddit, viewer u/Reddituser7653 wrote that they really miss Tara from last season.

“I think Angela Kang did a really good job with writing Tara. I did not like her in season 7 and 8 but the storyline they gave her in season 9 really surprised me and it actually worked for me. I understand that she was killed off, but the problem is that Jesus and Enid were killed off too.”

Maggie Left Hilltop with Her Baby to Join Georgie’s Community


Maggie left Hilltop with baby Hershel to help Georgie rebuild the communities. Georgie is the one who gave them all those blueprints last season for rebuilding their lives, in exchange for knowledge. We weren’t given a lot more details about Georgie back then, except that she’s part of a bigger group helping rebuild society.

One of the reasons that Maggie left was because of negotiations that broke down between Lauren Cohan and AMC. During that time, she lined up a new job with a new ABC dramedy called Whiskey Cavalier opposite Scott Foley. That series was later canceled and not renewed for a second season.

Letters from Maggie have stopped arriving and it’s not clear exactly where she is right now. But fans think this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her.

Carol Was Heartbroken over Henry & Broke Up with Ezekiel


Carol was, understandably, heartbroken over her adopted son Henry’s death at the hands of the Whisperers. Because Ezekiel reminded her so much of Henry, she ended up ending her relationship with him.

A minor spoiler for the Season 10 Premiere is below. 

Carol is still around and will be an active part of Season 10. She just doesn’t show up until a little later in the episode.

It turns out that she’s off on a boat most of the time these days. After everything that happened, she needs the freedom. The big question is whether she’s going to stick around and help Daryl and the others now that things are getting more intense again. Carol is one of the group’s greatest weapons, and they definitely need her.

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