Mr. Papers, Lil Kim’s Ex-Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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For many, Mr. Papers may only be known as the father of Lil’ Kim‘s baby Royal Reign. The rapper, whose real name is Jeremy Neil, came to light not with new music, but with the announcement he would become a father. The details became even more complicated as the couple fought and Papers took his grievances to social media. After a brief time in Miami, he is continuing to build a career in Hip Hop.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. 1. Papers Released a Freestyle Rap About His Struggles to Get Custody of Royal Reign

The relationship between Lil’ Kim and Mr. Papers got extremely rocky, so much so that their daughter’s custody became a major issues. As the battle raged on, Papers took to the public to air his grievances. In a rap set to the song, The Worst, he relays the situation of not seeing Royal and the toll it was taking on him.

According to the site The Jasmine Brand. the lyrics included a pointed reference to Kim. “I know she’s an idol, she’s an icon. But I’m from the streets and I got about 55 on. She got money with Mayweather. I sold drugs and p*ssy, told her it paid better,” the rapper is quoted to have said during the lengthy freestyle. The reference to Floyd Mayweather is a reference to Kim’s closeness to the boxing champ. She has hinted that Mayweather is even acting as a male influence and role model for Royal.

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The site Hot New Hip Hop also noted the choice of song to back up his complaints. “Papers even tagged her next to a broken heart emoji in the post’s caption. He wants her to notice how hurt he feels, even choosing a quintessentially emotional track for the occasion,” the site wrote after the freestyle’s release.

2. Lil’ Kim Accused Him of Domestic Abuse

Amidst what was already a contentious custody battle, Kim filed a lawsuit against Mr. Papers citing domestic violence. This all came about shortly after Papers made a move in court towards appointed time with his daughter. In her filing, the famous rapper alleges that her former partner physically abused her during their relationship.

Papers filed for visitation and, according to the Bossip, found Lil’ Kim to be less than responsive. ““He is literally just trying to see her. He’s been trying to do it very quietly,” Papers’ publicist Tasha Hilton said at the time of the filing. When speaking about the rapper’s relationship with Kim, Hilton went on to say, “there has never been any domestic violence.”

In countering Kim’s claims, Papers and Hilton also addressed the relationship itself. With issues such as an age difference and claims of cheating, the rapper as well as his publicist was adamant that nothing was what it seemed. “They had a lot of challenges with regard to being faithful and infidelity,” Hilton continued in the exclusive interview with the site.

3. He Apologized to Lil’ Kim on Instagram

While the ugly custody battle was unfolding, Papers would often take to Instagram. At one point, he even referenced Nicki Minaj as a direct swipe at his former partner. In a bid to cool down the rhetoric and animosity, Papers rook to Instagram once again to apologize for the situation between the former partners.

In the since removed posting, Papers said: “My heart is with her . I made a lot of mistakes growing up and I even made mistakes after I grew up but one of my biggest mistakes was losing my wife and all that time with my family … When I posted a pic of her enemy I was in my feelings and upset because she was posting pics with other n*ggaz and I acted off my emotions , but the truth is , there is no female out here , rapper chick /celeb chick or regular female that is Badder or flyer than Kim “nobody “!!!”

Kim would later respond to Papers in a message that included the sentiment that “none of us are perfect.” It was one of the few positive public exchanges from the two at this point. Much like the first posting, Kim would also delete her comments shortly after they were posted.

4. Mr. Papers Has Been Focusing on a Rap Career for Years

While Mr. Paper’s career may not be on the level of Lil’ KIm, he has worked to establish himself in the industry. In an interview with  Hip Hop DX, the rapper spoke about having a lack of name recognition and a new drive to get started. “I’m just really focusing on music. I’ve done everything. I’ve drove the cars, big jewelry, big everything, bad bitches. It’s just music right now,” Papers told the outlet.

Among his earlier efforts, Papers saw some success with the release of the song Celine in 2017. Not content with the first release, he went to Remy Ma for a followup to the song. Source described the song as Mr. Papers brings the record home with a list of his accolades, his woman dressing just the way he likes it, and never believing he’d get to where he is now.”

At the time of his Transitions release, he spoke to Source to clear up where he saw his career going as well as what else he had to offer the music industry. “Man, I got about 50 songs we just did. I’m in the kitchen putting it together. I got a big surprise for everybody by the end the the month! My next single is gonna be crazy!” he said.

5. Mr. Papers Feuded With Wendy Williams

Papers took to his Instagram page several times to post comments about Williams, her appearance, comments, and what was said during her popular syndicated talk show  In one comment he showed Williams discussing his relationship with Lil’ Kim. “@wendyshow I’m Sorry You Hate Me ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ But Salute 2 Remy & PAP… P.s My Daughter Is RICH!???‍♂️ She Don’t Even know how to spell “Struggle” He included in the message to her show.


On another occasion, he made a veiled reference to her struggles as well as her appearance. “Somebody get her a doctor fast,” Papers said in the accompanying message. In the deleted post, he also included a photo of Williams posing on the set of her show.

Williams would later run into the rapper and was open about the meeting on her show. According to a transcript from The Jasmine Brand, she said, “And he wasn’t bad looking! He had curly hair. He was a black man with brown skin. I don’t know whether it was a process or not. But it looked fine. He had curly hair. He had a chain swinging. I’m still about that life. I like a man in a suit… I like a grown man, a little older… but I’m still about that life when the chain is swinging and the diamonds are going. And then you see an important watch and stuff. Yes, fine. I’m 54 and going on 14. And he’s taller than me.”

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