MyoStorm Theraputic Massage Ball, ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Meteor Shark Tank


Tonight, Jonothan “Jono” DePeri and Shaquille Walker will introduce their product, the Myostorm Therapeutic Massage ball, to the sharks.

Their flagship product is called the Meteor, and it is a massage ball that combines vibration and heat in one device to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation.

Here’s what you need to know about MyoStorm and the Meteor:

1. Their Flagship Product Improves Circulation and Releases Tension

The Meteor, the company’s flagship product, releases tension, increases flexibility and muscle performance and helps with relaxation. As the company’s website states, “The Meteor is a vibrating, self-heating massage therapy ball designed to facilitate muscular recovery, increase flexibility and help reduce chronic pain, all in a device the size of a softball.” It also combats muscular pain, improves blood circulation, speeds up the recovery process, and increases overall performance.

According to All Shark Tank products, there are three settings for vibration and two settings for degrees of heat on the Meteor.

The massage ball is four inches in diameter, and weighs less than two pounds, making it easy to travel with.

2. The Original Meteor Is Selling for $139

If you check out the company’s website today, you can buy the original Meteor for $139– normally, it retails at $150. And you can also buy the Meteor 2.0 for $149– it normally sells for $174.

What’s the difference between the two products? The 2.0 version comes with universal USB-C charging, an updated interface, and improved heat functionality.

The Meteor Massage Ball by MyoStorm was originally promoted on Kickstarter. 500 backers pledged $65,461 to bring the product to life.

3. The Co-Founders Met in England While Working as Missionaries Before Attending College

According to All Shark Tank products, Jonathon and Shaquille were both missionaries for their church when they met and decided to create a product together. At first, they didn’t know just what that product would be.

After the mission, Jonathon studied mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University. When he came up with the idea for the Meteor, he contacted Shaquille, who was training as a world-class professional runner.

The outlet writes, “As a professional, Shaquille saw first-hand the inadequacy of the best muscular recovery devices at that time, and he now wanted to be part of the solution to improve injury prevention and recovery for athletes.” The pair ended up working with Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Jonathan Blotter, and Professor of Exercise and Physical Therapist, Brent Feland, to create MyoStorm.

They also enlisted the help of Jared Ward, a Professor of Statistics at BYU and a professional marathon runner who is one of the highest American Olympic marathon finishers ever.

4. The Product Was Founded in January 2018

According to Jonothan’s LinkedIn, MyStorm was founded in January 2018, and since then, the team has been “undergoing groundbreaking research in localized vibration and heat therapy technologies…”

To date, the Meteor has garnered positive reviews on Amazon, where it sells for $147.98.

One recent user who gave the product five stars wrote, “The Meteor is AMAZING!! I train for Ironman races and I am almost in a constant state of soreness.
I have used the Meteor twice a day for the last week and the difference is incredible. I have been using the heat and vibration about 20-30 minutes before I work out and then again after and I have felt great! I highly recommend this to anyone who works out on a regular basis!”

Another added, “I love the heat and the vibration. Because of its size and durability, I can wedge it between my pillow and shoulder blade for a deep tissue massage of a rotator cuff. My adult kids have started using it, including my D1 Volleyball player daughter.”

5. It Has Been Promoted by Athletes like Jared Ward, Shaquille Walker, Leon Mccall, & Drew Windle

A number of athletes stand by the Meteor, including Jared Ward, who is a professional marathon runner and multiple time USA member who placed 3rd in the marathon at the USA Olympic Trials. Ward also placed 6th place at the Olympics in Rio. The MyoStorm website reads, “Jared decided to join the MyoStorm team early on because he saw the vision and wanted to help introduce the best runners in the world to new fitness innovation.”

Co-founder Shaquille Walker ran track professionally for the Brooks Beasts and is the Road 800M World Record Holder. Leon McCall has competed as a professional bodybuilder since 2015, while Drew Windle is a professional 800m runner.

And as one reviewer on Shark Tank’s blog points out, “The fact that so many athletes endorse it tells me it’s the real deal.”

Will the sharks bite tonight when they’re introduced to MyoStorm’s Meteor? Find out at 9pm ET/PT on ABC.

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