NERDiT NOW on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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NERDiT NOW is a mobile device repair service founded by Markevis Gideon. He will be appearing on Shark Tank with partners Jake Voorhees and Jonathan Hoxter, in the hopes that an investor will be interested in their pitch and help them take it to the next level.

NERDiT NOW is a mobile business that can repair various electronic devices, including phone, desktop computers and laptops. They also provide free diagnostics on the device in question. Read on to learn more about the Gideon, his business background, and how he plans to expand their business moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know about NERDiT NOW:

1. NERDiT NOW Repairs Mobile Devices Within a 48-Hour Period

NERDiT NOW offers quick and affordable repair for a plethora of mobile devices. The NERDiT website lays out the business’ mission statement: “Regardless of what the issue is we are here to assist you with all of your technological needs. Regardless of if its a desktop, laptop or all in one, we are able to service all. We aim to perform all services with 48 hours. So when your computer is out for the count, you can count on us to NERDiT NOW!”

NERDiT NOW provides several different services in addition to repair. It offers software installations, hardware installations, diagnostic checks, and data backup. They also provide virus and spamware removal options. “We all know how frustrating a virus could be when you are trying to get work done,” the site reads. “So we have this created this service to allow you to bring your computer in and have it back up and running within no time.” A virus removal costs $50. You can check out additional prices here.

For phone services, NERDiT NOW provides screen repair, battery replacement, and charging port replacement. As far as console repairs go, they also provide screen and fan replacement, disk drive repair, and data back up.

2. Gideon Was a Computer Science & Accounting Major at Widener University Prior to Founding NERDiT NOW

Delaware startup, NERDiT Now, looking to grow!There’s an ambulance parked in a small parking lot on West Newport Pike in Stanton. Or at least it appears to be an ambulance. Once Markevis Gideon attaches a television screen to the outside, opens the flap on the side of the truck and peers out from inside the vehicle, it resembles more of a…2019-02-08T20:07:05.000Z

Gideon has had a passion for computers and technology since he was a child. His middle school teacher allowed him to take an old computer home so that he could experiment with it, and he’s never looked back. He participated in the Computer Network Administration Program at Howard High School, during which time he attained several Microsoft Certifications and work at MBNA.

Gideon attended Widener University in Pennsylvania, where he double majored in Computer Science and Accounting. To support himself and play for tuition, he sold textbooks, ran a computer repair business, and even operated a used car dealership on the vacant campus parking lots. This hectic work schedule led to him failing all of his classes, and he considered dropping out. It was only after a talk with the president of Widener University that he was able to turn his grades around and graduate on time.

After college, Gideon moved to China and taught English. He also opened a bar, which he managed for two years before selling it off. He moved back to hometown of Wilmington, Delaware in 2015, and began to work on computers as a personal hobby. It was during this time that he came up with the idea of starting a repair business.

3. Gideon Founded NERDiT NOW After Winning a Grant from the University of Delaware

Gideon’s side work repairing electronic devices became so lucrative that he needed outside help. “I thought I was going to make it mobile,” he told Delaware Online. “I tried to make it work for about a year.” Gideon recruited college friends Jake Voorhees and Jonathan Hoxter to help out with the operation as it got bigger, and they officially launched NERDiT NOW in 2016.

Hoxter helped Gideon get NERDiT NOW into the University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship’s Hen Hatch program, which was a local startup funding competition. NERDiT NOW won the competition, and was awarded $9,000 to invest as they saw fit. Their first line of business was to buy an old ambulance and converted it to NERDiT NOW Mobile. “I had no intention of getting a storefront,” Gideon recalled. “I wanted to work out of the ambulance.”

Within 12 months, NERDiT NOW moved to a storefront operation. They now operate out of a storefront at 1614 W Newport Pike.

4. NERDiT NOW Has a Foundation That Donates Over 100 Computers a Year to Children

Due to Gideon’s life-changing experience with computers, he’s made a point of providing for children who may have a similar experience in the future. The NERDiT Foundation is a charity associated with NERDiT NOW that donated over 100 computers a year to children who cannot afford them.

“With so many homes and communities in need of technology, we are on a mission to end the technological divide,” their mission statement reads. “We here at The NERDiT Foundation, believe that everyone should have the right to technology and to be afforded the opportunity to learn how technology can truly make an impact for us all.”

“We intend on partnering with other community leaders to target areas in need, and distributing technology,” the statement adds. “We will also offer free technical support to the recipients of the donated technology.”

5. Gideon Wants a ‘Shark’ to Invest So That He Can Introduce a Kiosk for NERDiT NOW Devices

Gideon, Vorhees and Hoxter will be appearing on Shark Tank in the hopes that an investor will help them improve their brand recognition and their overall reach. In addition these goals, however, Gideon wants to introduce a kiosk device into their business plan.

The idea is that customers will be able to drop off their damaged mobile devices in a kiosk, similar to an Amazon Locker or a Redbox. From there, a mobile team will repair the device in four to six hours and have it available to pick up the same day. Gideon aims to launch a pilot in six months with five to 10 kiosks in banks and other businesses in the northern Delaware area. So far, NERDiT NOW has not reached any agreements.

The trio of business partners will be going on to Shark Tank with makeshift kiosks, as a means of conveying their plan to the esteemed panel.