The Challenge: Are Paulie & Cara Maria Still Together?

Cara Maria and Paulie Calafiore


Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello have had their ups and downs on MTV’s The Challenge. Paulie reportedly cheated on Cara Maria in 2018, and she broke up with him upon finding out. Given recent events, however, fans are curious as to where the couple currently stand. Are they still broken up? Did they get back together?

According to People Magazine, the couple are back together and happy as ever. “We are doing amazing,” Paulie confirmed. “We push each other every day when it comes to training. We also helped each other with our recovery.” He went on to reveal that he and Cara Maria are planning on moving in together.  “I’m happy to say that we’ll be getting a place together in the near future. But right now, we’re just enjoying each other’s time. We’re just enjoying life.”

Paulie & Cara Maria Are Still Together As They Compete on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’

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“We’ve definitely been through hell and back in and out of The Challenge both times around and it’s only a testament to the connection we have that we have only grown stronger and closer together through everything,” Paulie added. “It’s a really nasty world out there sometimes and we are standing the test of time.”

When asked how they managed to reconcile their relationship, Paulie said that it came down to talking things out. “It was a lot. I think we both sat down and we had very honest conversations with one another and realized that we shouldn’t be dwelling over things that happened over a summer where we really didn’t know where we stood with each other,” he recalled. “And I think realizing that fact brought us back into the mindset of we really became serious once we were filming [this season].”

Paulie & Cara Maria Briefly Split In 2018 Due to the Former’s Cheating Allegations

“The only thing I could do as a person was show her every single day that she is the person that I want to be with and I’m very serious about her,” Paulie admitted. “We were stupid over the summer, we probably could’ve handled things a little bit better in December but we worked through things and nobody can take that away from us no matter what.”

Paulie and Cara Maria have continued to work closely as a couple on The Challenge. They recently drew heat for orchestrating a plan that got Johnny Bananas eliminated. Paulie told Johnny that he was going to, but he went back on his word and picked Cara Maria instead. She was brought on as a member of the tribunal, and she guaranteed that Johnny would be the contestant who was sent home.

“We had this all orchestrated,” Cara Maria admitted to Hollywood Life. “I didn’t know originally what Paulie was doing with making the deal and shaking Johnny’s hand, so I was worried until they filled me in after. But my whole angle was to act like I was always going to vote for Johnny, but let everyone know that it was going to be a burn… It was orchestrated from the moment he shook Johnny’s hand.”

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