LHHH: Did Ray J Cheat on His Wife Princess Love?

Getty Princess Love, Ray J and their daughter Melody.

Ray J has been accused of cheating on his wife Princess Love. The rapper and reality star reportedly got close to another woman while he attended Drake’s recent birthday party. The accusations have grown to such an extent that Ray J has decided to cancel his upcoming tour and spend more time with his family. Read on for more details about Ray J’s cheating rumors.

The Shade Room posted a video of Ray J talking to an unnamed woman at Drake’s party. “He was out last night living his best life at Drake’s birthday party in LA and though things seemed harmless at first, it wasn’t long before he whipped out his phone and gave it to another girl he was dancing with,” the account claimed. “It could have been harmless, but he was way too flirty with the chick and was paying sis way too much attention and she definitely gave him the number.”

Ray J Allegedly Flirted with a Woman At Drake’s Birthday Celebration

Shortly after the rumors surfaced, Ray J announced that he would be dropping out of several dates on his upcoming #TB Tour. He issued a statement, explaining that he would be missing the dates so that he could prepare for “baby number two with his wife, Princess Love Norwood, his upcoming TV One holiday movie, Dear Santa…I Need A Date (opposite Reagan Gomez), his forthcoming EP Emerald City and his tech company Raycon Global.”

This is not the first time Ray J has been accused of cheating. In 2018, Princess Love posted a series of tweets that hinted at her husband’s infidelity. “To me, for better or worse doesn’t mean cheating,” she wrote. “That’s like saying stay with a man who beats you.” She sent out another tweet that read: “If you’re going to stay with a man, do it because that’s what you truly want. Never stay because of children… When they grow up, then what???”

Ray J Was Previously Accused of Cheating on Princess Love In 2018

Following these tweets, Princess Love deleted all photos of her and Ray J together, as well as her pregnancy photos. While many assumed that it because Ray J was being unfaithful, there were others who speculated that it may have been staged in order to set up drama for Love & Hip Hop.

Ray J denied the cheating accusations in a lengthy Instagram post. He addressed it to himself, writing that he has never done anything wrong and is a supportive husband to Princess Love. “You are doing everything right – from being faithful – staying focused on the goal and treating everyone with love and respect,” he wrote. “Don’t let the devil try and come into your world and break you down… Be patient in your relationship, listen and learn.” Check out the full post above.

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