Rowena Takes on Evil on ‘Supernatural’

Sam, Dean, and Castiel look on in a still from Supernatural

Robert Falconer/The CW/© 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved. Sam, Dean,and Castiel prapre for another fight on CW's Supernatural.

Tonight, Supernatural revisits its past as the CW show wind its way towards the finale. This time, the series brings back not one, but two blasts from the past. While Rowena’s return might seem perfectly timed, there’s someone else waiting in the wings that is long overdue for fans.

According to CinemaBlend, co-showrunner Andrew Dabb had some definitive thoughts on the return of certain characters to the series. “Because it’s our last season, we are not afraid to bring back people who we love or who the guys have some history with, because even if it’s a character from season 3 or 4 or 7 or 8, the Sam and Dean they knew are not the same Sam and Dean as they’re encountering right now,” Dabb said of the brother’s current situation. “This Sam and Dean have been through a lot more. And God’s playing with them a little bit, he’s toying with them. He’s pulling these old familiar faces out in some ways to see what they do. And it’s fun for him.”

Rowena Returns to Help the Winchesters and Castiel

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The second episode in season 15 is called “Raising Hell.” It might be an appropriate title considering what has happened so far this season. The phrase might also apply to the return of two fan favorites from past years, Rowena and Kevin. The official synopsis of the episode is short on details, instead opting for an easy to guess storyline. Sam, Dean, and Castiel reach out to Rowena as they fight to control the souls unleased in last season’s finale.

For her part, Rowena has lived her own version of hell with the events surrounding Lucifer and her son Crowley. The actress behind the role is just as eager to portray her again, especially as the show prepares its finale. Ruth Connell is certainly no stranger to the material. In addition to acting roles, she’s also performed as a voice actor on various games and series. “It’s so fun. Supernatural’s so fun. You get to do comedy, you get to do pathos, you get to do silly conversations, you get to do epic battles, you get to do everything. It’s just so brilliant as an actress to get the chance to at least try out those different levels. They make it look easy, you know? The boys make it look easy. It takes something to do it. I’m so glad I get the chance to try. I’m never afraid of chewing a bit of scenery if it works out. I think that comes with Rowena. Part of the joy,” Connell told Comicbook.Com.

Kevin Tran is Back from a Surprising Place

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If Rowena’s return wasn’t enough for fans, the show is eager to provide another dose of popular characters. Images from the episode appear to reveal Kevin Tran’s return to the series. For fans, it’s been a long wait to find out about the beloved nerd. When viewers last saw Tran, it was assumed to he would be finally at peace. What happens to cause this reappearance is well-hidden with those who make the show.

Dabb may not be about spoilers, but he is willings to divulge some surprises for Tran. Previously seen on his way to Heaven, something else may have happened along the way as the showrunner tells EW, “But as it turns out, God may not have been 100 percent honest about that. There’s a reason Kevin was in hell, and that will come out, to a degree at least, in the second episode.”

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