Will Sean Spicer Be Eliminated Tonight on Dancing With the Stars? 10/7/2019

Sean Spicer DWTS

Getty Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer arrives at the 2019 "Dancing With The Stars" Cast Reveal at Planet Hollywood Times Square on August 21, 2019 in New York City.

Dancing With the Stars season 28 returns with new live performances and another elimination on Monday, October 7. Although Sean Spicer was flagged as an underdog among the other celebrities dancing on the show, the former White House press secretary remains in the competition.

After week 2, the first elimination was made, and Mary Wilson was sent home (Ray Lewis joined her in the bottom 2). During week 3, Ray Lewis had to withdraw from the competition, which meant that no one else was sent home that week. At the end of week 4’s Monday night show, a third celebrity and their professional dance partner will be eliminated.

For the first three weeks of competition, Spicer found himself near the bottom of the scoreboard. At the end of week 3, his score of 16 out of 30 surpassed only Lamar Odom, who found himself in the bottom two at the end of that episode. In spite of his consistently low scores, Sean Spicer has yet to find himself in the bottom two and at risk of elimination, so it is clear that his supporters are showing up and voting for him week after week.

So, will week 4 be the week that Spicer gets sent home from the competition? It’s possible, but it seems more likely that Lamar Odom will be eliminated in week 4, since his scores are lower and he’s already found himself in the bottom 2. The new twist on eliminations this season, which leaves the final decision to the judges panel, could find Spicer going home if he’s in the bottom 2 against a competitor with higher scores an more potential.

Nevertheless, his fanbase and Lamar Odom’s lower scores make us think that Spicer will be safe this week. As for week 5? His time on Dancing With the Stars seems likely to end by then.

Spicer & Arnold Are Appealing to Their Social Media Followings to Get Votes

Celebrity-dance pro pairs customarily use social media as a way to remind their followers to get out and vote, and Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold are no exception.

After their week 3 performance, Spicer’s dance partner Lindsay took to Instagram to encourage their fans to vote. Along with a photo taken of the two in-costume, she wrote “MOVIE NIGHT!!!! Proud of you @seanmspicer you rocked it!! Thank you to everyone who is voting it means so much ❤️❤️ yay!!!” Arnold has over 763,000 followers on the social media platform.

Spicer is running his own social media campaign to win over the votes of his over 108,000 Instagram followers. In a video shared before his week 4 performance, he explained how to vote for him and Arnold, with the help of “Spicer Arnold 2019” “campaign” signs. In the caption, he wrote “Coming to you from “Spicer Arnold” Campaign HQ aka my trailer. Thanks to you guys for keeping me in the competition so far, I’ll need your votes tonight to stay in it. Quick tutorial on how to vote, more details on SpicerArnold.com #dwts @dancingabc.”

Tune in to new episodes of Dancing With the Stars season 28, live on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.