Steve’s Baby Mama on Million Dollar Listing NY

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Instagram Steve Gold, Luiza Gawlowska and their daughter Rose

Steve Gold has been open about his past relationships, even letting a failed romance with Brittny Gastineau play out on Million Dollar Listing NY. All of that changed when Luiza Gawlowska came into his life. When he surprised viewers with the news of a new baby, it drew attention to a couple which had been fairly private until that point. Read on to find out about the special woman in his life.

Luiza Gawlowska Is Polish

Little is known about where in Poland Gawlowska was born or any other family members that may still be living in the country. Gold was intrigued about having a relationship with someone who didn’t come from the same social groups as him. “I couldn’t expect falling in love with someone from another country, moving in together, having our little family,” the reality star told US Weekly.

The Couple Met on a Flight to London

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Gold wasn’t looking for a relationship when he boarded the plane, but that’s what he found when he caught sight of Gawlowska. As part of the exclusive interview with US Weekly, he spoke about the initial attraction. “I think love at first sight is lust at first sight. It was definitely that, but there’s so much more than just how someone looks, I think, when it comes to finding a partner for life,” he said of the experience. The pair would exchange numbers, so nothing was certain at that point.

The two agreed to spend time together in Monte Carlo and then Ibiza. It was a whirlwind romance that would see Gold profess his love before the Ibiza meetup was through. In one of her rare public comments, she talked about the moment. “He said, ‘Oh, I think we have a problem.’ I said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘I think we’re in love with each other’,”Gawlowska said.

They Faced Criticism for Their Age Difference

At the time of the couple going public, Gold was 34 and Gawlowska was 26. It was far from a huge age difference, but they began experiencing cyberbullying related to the subject. “I probably share less now, but mainly because I want to protect Luiza and people in my life. There’s no reason for her to have to be subject to this negativity or people saying things about her. We have something amazing going on. To have all these negative influences trying to destroy something that’s so beautiful … it’s sad,” Gold said of the criticisms they received. Gawlowska was more introspective about how the bullies affect their life and outlook towards the relationship. “It’s like when you hear, like, 100 good things, and three bad ones, you always remember the bad ones, even though it was just three times,” she said.

Gold Only Revealed That Gawlowska Was Expecting Two Days Before the Housewarming Party

Even the MDLNY cast was kept in the dark when it came to major details of the romance. While viewers saw the housewarming party as her big pregnancy reveal, Ryan Serhant actually found out two days earlier. Serhant told The New York Post, “Steve’s a funny guy, so I kind of thought because we were showing up with our baby and [Fredrik] has his two kids, maybe he was, like, ‘Oh, let’s pull a joke on them,’ but no. It was real and a baby came out.”