Taina Williams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Taina Williams

Getty Taina Williams pictured in 2015.

Taina Williams is G Herbo’s girlfriend. The couple has been together since January 2019. Williams, 21, is the daughter of stylist and fashion designer, Emily Bustamante, and the stepdaughter of Fabolous. Williams and Herbo got together just after he broke up with Ariana Fletcher, the mother of his son.

Williams and Herbo confirmed their romance in a pair of Instagram posts around New Year’s Eve. Williams wrote in the caption of the couple together, “Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories and all the blessings a heart can know. Happy New Year! ?.” While Herbo simply wrote under a photo of the couple together, “RICH LOVESTORY❤️.”

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In October 2018, after Fletcher and Herbo had split up, Fletcher accused Herbo of cheating on her with Williams. Fletcher wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post, “I’m only addressing this because you weak ass hoes f***ing folks and I’m not gone lie it’s embarrassing because y’all so weak so I don’t want y’all thinking y’all f***ing my n****. F*** at your own risk.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Herbo’s Ex-Girlfriend Has Accused Williams of Having an Affair With Rapper Lil Bibby

On October 9, Ariana Fletcher, wrote a rage-filled caption under a photo showing the rapper with their son, Yosohn, 18 months, and Williams. In the now-deleted caption, via The Shade Room, Fletcher said that she helped Herbo stay out of jail.

Fletcher wrote that she tried “to be cool” with Herbo and Williams’ relationship but that he had “pushed [her] past [her] mf limit.” Fletcher said that she told Herbo to keep Williams away from her son and that the couple had told Williams that the child in the photo was not their son. Fletcher says she now knows for certain that the child is their son.

Fletcher also accused Williams of having had an affair with Herbo’s friend Lil Bibby. Comments under Fletcher’s comment, via Bossip, accused her of being “bitter” and “jealous” over Herbo and Williams’ relationship. Since breaking up with Herbo, Fletcher has been dating former super-featherweight world champion, Gervonta Davis.

2. Williams Made Herbo Cry With Her Latest Birthday Gift

G Herbo crying

Instagram/Taina WilliamsA screengrab from Taina Williams’ Instagram page.

On October 8, as Herbo celebrated his 24th birthday, Williams’ presented him with a chain that featured an image of the rapper’s grandmother on it. That gift made Herbo cry. Videos of him opening the gift were posted to Williams’ Instagram story. The cake that was gifted to Herbo by Williams was accompanied with 24 blunts. The pair also took a helicopter trip around the Statue of Liberty before his party.

While in a loving post to Herbo, Williams said he had her “favorite pair of eyes to look into” and the “favorite name to see appear in my phone.” Williams concluded the post by saying that he was her “favorite everything.”

While on Williams’ 21st birthday, Herbo paid tribute to her in an Instagram post, calling her, “prolly the most understanding person I ever met.” Herbo added that even though Williams was “born with an attitude she still understands.” That post included a video of the pair making out in a kissing booth. At her party, Herbo gave Williams an expensive-looking watch. BET described Williams’ party as being held in “true millennial fashion” by being an “over-the-top birthday party.”

3. Williams Has Had Numerous Elaborate Birthday Parties Over the Years

Williams is no stranger to elaborate birthday parties. For her 18th birthday, her mother and stepfather presented her with a black Mercedes Benz that came equipped with a pink bow. While for her 20th birthday, Williams celebrated with members of the cast of “Love & Hip-Hop: New York” in a 1920s themed party in New York City. In one of her photos from that party, Williams posted a photo of herself with a caption reading, “It’s my time to shineeee.”

Williams’ 2016 prom was also a major social media event.

4. Lil Wayne’s Daughter Is One of Williams’ Best Friends & Chief Defenders

Reginae and Fabulous DAUGHTER on LiveReginae and Fabulous DAUGHTER on Live!!!2018-06-24T08:58:11.000Z

Williams is close with Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, 20. In the midst of the drama involving Ariana Fletcher’s allegations of cheating against Herbo and Williams, Carter jumped in to defend her friend.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Carter said of her friend, “My friend is classy and carries herself like a real young lady… far from a bird. Let’s just get that straight. Tuh I hate when females mad and tear down the other female. Its not cool and it won’t get him back sis.” Fletcher shot back at Carter saying, “I will hurt your feelings SO BAD right now SO BAD, just be quiet.”

Carter seemed to silence the debate there saying that she wouldn’t entertain Fletcher any more. While during Carter’s birthday party in Los Cabos, Mexico, in December 2018, Carter defended Williams against Instagram commenters who said Fabolous’ step-daughter was attempting to steal the limelight away from her friend’s birthday.

5. Williams’ Mother & Stepfather Got Back Together in August 2019

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Williams’ mother, Emily Bustamante, and rapper Fabolous have two sons together. Their first was born in 2008 and their second in 2015. The Jasmine Brand reported in August 2019 that Bustamante and Fabolous had gotten back together and that the rapper wanted to have another child, a daughter. The Jasmine Brand quoted an Instagram story post from Fabolous that read, “Always only wanted boys, but recently talked about having a girl. Now I can’t get it off my mind. All my friends who have a daughter tell me that daughter LOVE is different.”

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