Tan’s Girlfriend’s Indiscretion on SWAT

David Lim plays Vctor Tan on the seies SWAT

CBS/©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved David Lim plays Vctor Tan on the seies SWAT.

Things are heating up on tonight’s SWAT as Tan is forced to answer for his girlfriend’s indiscretion. The episode, titled “Immunity”, gives fans another glimpse into the character’s private life. In the first season, viewers were introduced to Tan’s complicated romantic past with the episode “Blindspots.” In it, Tan was reunited with Ally as he revisited similarities between past cases.

Tan’s Relationship With Bonnie Is in Jeopardy

The relationship with Bonnie was a highlight for Tan’s character during the second season. Last season, it seemed like the couple was slowly building up to a steady relationship or even marriage. Although at Valentine’s Day, Bonnie was happy he didn’t propose and she was left a teddy bear. With the indiscretion coming to light, things may change for the two. Being pulled into Internal Affairs could lead to more trouble for Tan. Whether the writers of the series are planning a full season story arc remains to be seen, but even the hint of dealing with possible impropriety is enough to lead to more dramatic tension.

Viewers Have Also Learned About His Past Mentor

In Season 2, viewers were introduced to another part of Tan’s life in the episode “Rocket Fuel.” The character brought in a mentor from his past to help solve a case the team was facing. Ben Mosely, the former detective covering a major drug case, reveals a few secrets as he helps Tan face some current realities. It was an eye-opening look at how the character’s past had yet to be fully explored and even had implications on where his story is going in this current season.

The Actor Playing Tan Has Been a Series Regular Since 2017

The show is still relatively new in terms of CBS’ most popular long-running series. As David Lim was promoted to series regular in 2017, showrunners have been working to up his profile among the cast. While it may have been an added bonus, the character of Victor Tan was a creation just for the actor.  “What had happened is, they actually created this role for me, and so I was obviously over the moon. And that’s how it happened. A week later I’m doing tactical training, and a few days after that I’m on set filming the pilot with Justin Lin,” the actor told Tell-Tale TV. Showing his commitment to the role has been important to Lim. He talked about the stunts that cast does and how it relates to real life in an interview with TV Overmind. “I think I’m always surprised at the high level of the things we’re doing on set. It’s always very exciting…We do most [of our own stunts]. Certain stunts they will not let us do, for insurance and liability purposes. Most of the cast is pretty athletic, so we’re pretty capable of doing a lot of our own stunts. We want to do that, to up the realism, and show the authenticity of what we’re doing,” the actor said.

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