Tati Westbook: Tati Beauty Makeup Line Details & Palette

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Getty/YouTube Tati Westbook has launched a new makeup line.

Tati Westbook, the YouTube influencer, has launched a new makeup line. It’s called “Tati Beauty,” and there’s already a website for the brand where you can sign up for updates. Judging from a video Tati posted to YouTube, there’s a lot of glitter.

An Instagram page devoted to Tati Beauty gained more than 92,000 followers in just a few hours. “Available October 25th @ 10AM PST,” it reveals. Tati shared a sneak peak of one of the makeup palettes in the line, writing, “Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 4 Textures, 6 Tones, Endless Possibilities.” Here’s that post:

Westbrook is a YouTube influencer whose page has more than 9 million followers. The page promises “new videos each week.” Previous videos are titled things like “LUXURY MAKEUP FAILS: Save your money” and “My MOM does my MAKEUP.” Her videos routinely break 1 million views. People trust her beauty reviews.

Fans filled up the comment thread with excitement. “excited!!!!! Can’t wait ??????? this is probably going to be the best eyeshadows of all time!!!hopefully there will be international shipping ?” wrote one. “Oh my good I’ve never clicked on anything that fast!!! I’ve been waiting for this for soooo long!!! Congrats Tati! Well deserved!!!” wrote another.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tati Westbrook Shared Details of the New Makeup Line in a YouTube Video

VideoVideo related to tati westbook: tati beauty makeup line details & palette2019-10-17T03:03:45-04:00

In a YouTube video posted on October 16, 2019, and which has already been viewed more than 1.8 million times, Westbrook wrote, “I’VE BEEN KEEPING A SECRET.”

The video starts with a clip from 2018, in which Tati said: “I have to feel like some of you guys are really upset that I didn’t launch makeup and that is part of the harshness about what I decided to go with first. I am obsessed with product development. I’m going to build this thing. I have a huge vision for it. I am currently developing color cosmetics. I want to do it all. This does not stop here.” The new palette has 24 shades.

Scenes from a photo shoot were then spliced into the video. The 3 minute and 30 second video showed Tati getting her hair done and makeup applied before she tries all of the different colors on her arm. She is seen holding a “Tati Beauty” palette. The brand also has a Facebook page and is on Twitter.

Westbrook previously unveiled Halo Beauty, a beauty supplement line. However, that hit controversy right away when some fans grew worried that her hair, skin and nails booster might interfere with birth control, according to Allure. She went to Snapchat to deny those claims, saying, according to Allure, “I feel very misunderstood. I hate that my character is being thrashed. Saw Palmetto is not going to get you pregnant. It’s not going to make your birth control not work.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Seattle-born Westbrook has a net worth around $6 million. Westbook was on the TV series Zeta Beta Zeta Sorority Girl in 2007 and launched her YouTube Channel GlamLifeGuru three years later. She is married to James Westbrook and is the daughter of a talent agent and manager. She is also known for her collaboration and later feud with influencer James Charles; she was upset when he supported her supplement company’s competitor, considering it a betrayal. The feud cost him to lose many followers. The site claims that Tati “makes between $1 and $2 million per year off YouTube alone.”

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