Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Dating Timeline 2019

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have kept a low-profile romance, especially given the media attention that some of Swift’s previous relationship have gotten. As a result, there are many fans that are curious about Swift and Alwyn’s dating timeline, and whether they have plans to get engaged in the near future. Read on for a complete rundown of their relationship.

The first reports of Swift and Alwyn dating surfaced in May 2017. The Sun claimed the couple had been together for several months, and that they wanted to keep their relationship as quiet as possible. “This isn’t a new couple alert or a secret relationship,” the outlet stated. “The only people this has been a secret to is the media because all of us, Taylor and Joe’s closest friends and their families, were aware they have been together for several months and have known each other for a longtime.”

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Have Been Dating Since 2017

Swift and Alwyn were regularly spotted together after that. They were photographed at notable locations in Nashville and New York, and were seen snuggling at an Ed Sheeran concert on December 11, 2017. Entertainment Weekly said they they were slow dancing to Sheeran’s music, and they had their arms around each other for the duration of the set.

The couple continued to spark interest throughout 2018, especially when they posted Instagram photos standing next to the same cactus. Fans were quick to point out the similarity, and Alwyn addressed it during an interview. “I didn’t even think of that until I was in New York and someone else mentioned it,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “It wasn’t purposeful at all!” Despite acknowledging their closeness, Alwyn has made a point not to discuss Swift during press conferences.

They’ve Made a Point of Keeping Their Relationship Private

“I’m aware people want to know about that side of things,” he said to British Vogue. “I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people…but I really prefer to talk about work.” Alwyn opened up about Swift during an Esquire piece in December 2018. He talked about what it was like to date such a famous celebrity, and whether or not he sought out guidance from friends. “I didn’t seek out advice on that,” he said. “Because I know what I feel about it. I think there’s a very clear line as to what somebody should share, or feel like they have to share, and what they don’t want to and shouldn’t have to.”

While Swift and Alwyn attended the Golden Globes separately, they were seen together at a BAFTAs after-party in February 2019. The couple were photographed walking hand-in-hand. Those close to the couple claim that engagement talks are not far off. “Taylor’s friends are all talking about a proposal and how she really wants to marry Joe,” a source told Us Weekly. “He’s her dream guy… Taylor really got lucky to meet Joe, and she is the first one to say it. Joe really is one of a kind.”

Alwyn is thought to be the focus of key lyrics on Swift’s album Lover. Tracks like “I Think He Knows” and “Paper Rings” focus on finding “the one,” and fans have inferred that these sentiments are aimed squarely at the U.K. actor. Swift has also been sporting a necklace with the letter “J” emblazoned on it, which has led many to assume that it is for Alwyn’s first name. She began wearing it shortly after rumors of their relationship went public.

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