Teairra Mari Boyfriend 2019: Is the Singer Dating Anyone?

Getty Teairra Mari attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 20, 2018

Teairra Mari returns to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood during its latest episode. The singer has been a series staple, and is sure to bring plenty of drama and excitement to the table. But is Teairra Mari dating anyone? Does she currently have a boyfriend?

Teairra is currently single. Her most recently relationship was with a man named Akbar Adul-Ahad, whom she dated during the 2018 season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The couple hit it off early on, but ran into trouble when Teairra found out that Akbar was was married to a fashion designer named Sade Abdul-Ahad.

Teairra Mari Is Single As She Returns to ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Sade told the Jasmine Brand that Teairra had been after her husband for some time leading up to their relationship, and that she was aware of his marital status the entire time he was on the show. “Well I think Teairra is one delusional individual. She knew about me but didn’t care,” she claimed. “She wanted Akbar to leave me and be with only her. She spoof app’d me calling my phone as if she was Akbar.”

“She also called me from 10 different numbers and I still to this day don’t know how she even got my number,” Sade continued. “She stalks my IG page and has created several fake pages to leave nasty comments under my pictures. Akbar initially wanted to do business with Teairra, but she fell for him and wanted a relationship… He purchased wardrobe for her, let her use one of his cars being that she doesn’t have one. He also went as far as helping her pay her rent. And because of his generosity we are in the situation we are in now!”

She Recently Filed a Revenge Porn Lawsuit Against Her Ex-Boyfriend

Tearri has also been involved in a public feud with rapper 50 Cent. She filed a revenge porn lawsuit against both 50 and her ex-boyfriend Akbar, claiming that they engaged in a plan to sexually objectify and humiliate her. She accused Akbar of logging into her Instagram account and posting sexually-graphic videos, and then accused 50 of reposting the videos on his own Instagram page. 50 denied the allegations, claiming that the photo had spread across the internet by the time he reposted it.

Teairra lost the revenge porn lawsuit against both men, and was subsequently ordered to pay $30,618 to cover 50’s legal bills. When 50 publicly mocked her for not being able to pay the bills, Teairra fired back with a diss track titled “I Ain’t Got It.” The track sees Teairra own up to her financial issues, and mock 50 in return. “No, I ain’t got it / Oh boy I’m poppin’,” she raps. “I’m taking off like a rocket for 30,000 / That’s what y’all loaned. Y’all some lame ass ni**as / I’m a Detroit b*tch / F**k these hatin’ a*s hoes / Tell ’em all get off my d**k.”

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