The Masked Singer 2019 Episode 2 Reveal: Who Gets Unmasked Tonight?

The Masked Singer Unmasked Episode 2

FOX THE MASKED SINGER: The Panda in the “Return of the Masks: Group C” time period premiere episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Oct. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The Masked Singer season 2 episode 2 aired on Wednesday, October 2. The episode featured debut performances from the Flamingo, Panda, Black Widow Spider, and Leopard masked characters, and at the end of the episode, the eliminated celebrity competitor was unmasked.

During the two-hour premiere on September 25, the two celebrity identities revealed were Johnny Weir as The Egg and Ninja as The Icecream. So, who was unmasked at the end of the season’s second episode?

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In the head-to-head between Leopard and Black Widow, the Leopard lost the popular vote, which meant he had one last chance to stay in the competition. In the Flamingo and Panda’s faceoff, the Panda lost, so Panda and Leopard battled one another with a “smackdown” sing-off.

In the face-off, Panda chose to sing “All I Do Is Win;” the judges noted her sense of humor and said perhaps she’s a comedian by profession.

The Leopard sang “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, and Nicole and Jenny both said they still believed it was Jamie Foxx behind the mask.

After one final vote, it was determined that the Leopard was the winner of the smackdown, and the Panda would be the next mask taken off to reveal the celebrity performing behind it. For their final guesses before the unmasking, Jenny McCarthy guessed Wanda Sykes, Ken Jeong guessed Queen Latifah, Robin Thicke guessed Lonnie Love, and Nicole Scherzinger guessed Venus Williams.

The Panda Was Eliminated & the Celebrity Behind the Mask Was…

Laila Ali. In addition to being Mohammad Ali’s daughter, she is famous in her own right as an undefeated boxer, author, and television personality.

None of the judges guessed her identity correctly, although Cannon insisted he knew it was her after she punched his arm on-stage and he felt how strong she was. Thicke was right, however, that the Panda costume was padded to hide Ali’s true body shape.

The keywords “match” and “win” given through her clue package and performance made sense once Ali’s identity revealed, as were the references to her father and famous family.

When Nick Cannon asked her about her experience performing on the show, she said “Oh my God, it was crazy… I’ve always loved to sing, I’ve always been shy with singing, but it was fun to perform with no one knowing.”

Before taking the stage to sing one more time, this time unmasked, she joked that it was very humbling losing for the first time.

The Masked Singer was not Laila’s first time participating in a performance-based celebrity competition; she competed on season 4 of Dancing With the Stars and finished in 3rd place with her professional dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

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