‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Premiere: What Did Eugene Say on the Radio?


If you’re watching the Season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead tonight on AMC, then you might be wondering just what it was that Eugene was going to say on the radio. The episode seems to keep cutting the scene before we can hear what he’s going to say.

This post has spoilers for tonight’s episode. 

Eugene Was Going to Warn Everyone About the Satellite, Possibly About It Catching Fire

We’re aren’t shown exactly what it was that Eugene was going to say to everyone when he was getting on the radio after seeing burning debris flying through the sky. But from the context of the rest of the Season 10 premiere, it’s easy to figure out.

That burning debris, by the way, was the Russian satellite from the USSR that we saw in the beginning of the episode. You can read more about the satellite in Heavy’s story here.


It’s pretty clear from the rest of the episode that Eugene was going to warn the group about the burning object they saw, tell them it was a satellite falling, and then let them know where it was projected to land. But most importantly, he was going to warn them that the satellite about to cause a major fire. They needed to gather up the troops and fight the fire as quickly as possible.

Eugene is always on top of things, so he wasn’t going to miss a chance to help the group out from what could turn into an emergency situation really fast.

This is a great way of showing just how important Eugene has become to the group. He’s not an expendable character anymore, but he plays a vital role in keeping everyone safe.

We Don’t Know the Identity of the Woman’s Voice from the End of Season 9, & Eugene Wasn’t Warning People About Her

Some viewers hoped that perhaps Eugene heard the woman’s voice that spoke over the radio in the Season 9 finale and was going to tell everyone about her, but that wasn’t the case in the Season 10 premiere. Some time has passed since that scene happened. As far as we know, she hasn’t been heard over the radio since. When she spoke in the finale, she said:

Hello? Hello? Calling out live on the open air. Is anybody out there?”

There’s still a lot of debate about who the woman we heard was – a debate that won’t be over after tonight’s episode.

Some think we might have been hearing Maggie’s voice. She was mentioned briefly as not answering any letters sent to her, and it did kind of sound like her. She left to join Georgie’s group, so it’s possible.

Others think it might be Georgie, who first appeared in Season 8 Episode 12. Georgie isn’t in the comics. She offered Maggie blueprints to technology for Hilltop in exchange for phonographic records. She said she doesn’t exchange information with “the weak,” but she knows Maggie’s group isn’t weak. The information Georgie gave them included blueprints for machinery, windmills, watermills, silos, grain-refining techniques, aqueducts, and more. The book’s cover read: “A Key to A Future: Being a guide to the machinery, techniques, tasks, travails, and SOLUTIONS employed by early civilizations to recent times; let this be the path forward from the past to a more advanced NOW.”

Others think it might be someone from the Commonwealth. The group hasn’t been officially introduced yet, although they are in the comics. It was never verified if Georgie was with the Commonwealth, but that’s a favorite fan theory. Some fans think Georgie might be the TV version of Pamela Milton from the comics. (Read more about that storyline in Heavy’s story  here.)

Still others think it’s someone from Jadis’ group that took Rick away. There’s debate on whether that group is the Commonwealth or someone different.

So no, Eugene’s urgent need to get on the radio had nothing to do with the woman we heard speaking on the radio at the end of the Season 9 finale. He was getting on to warn the rest of the group about the satellite falling to the earth, and probably to let them know that it was going to cause a major fire.

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