‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Premiere: What Did Judith See in the Sand?


In the first few minutes of The Walking Dead Season 10 on AMC, Judith notices something in the sand and appears absolutely shocked. What does she see? This post has minor spoilers for the Season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead.

Near the end of the opening minutes of The Walking Dead‘s Season 10 premiere, just before the commercial break, there’s a scene where Judith is playing in the sand with RJ and other kids. She’s digging in the sand, and then she notices something that shocks her. What was it?

Judith Saw a Human Face Mask: A Sign of the Whisperers’ Presence

Judith saw a human face mask in the sand.


Here’s another photo. You can see the face mask hidden among the shells. It might be hard to make out until you look at the photo closely. If you’re not paying close attention, you might miss it.


Here’s the aerial shot:


If you looked away for a second or blinked, you might have missed that big reveal.

Of course, knowing what she saw, it’s understandable why she was so shocked. She thought she was safely playing with some shells in the Oceanside Community, having a fun time with her friends while they prepared for a possible attack from the Whisperers some day far into the future.

But Judith’s discovery has greater implications. Does the human mask mean that someone from the Whisperers’ has been in their community recently, hiding among them? Does it mean that the Whisperers are a big threat still and are spying on them? Is danger imminent?

There’s more to the discovery that Judith made than you might initially think.

Remember, the Whisperers are a big threat to the community. They have a huge horde at their disposal, which Alpha showed to Daryl in Season 9. Sure, they’ve dealt with big herds before. But this time it’s different.

Not only do the Whisperers have a large herd at their disposal, but they also can wear the faces of walkers and walk like walkers, making them nearly indistinguishable from the zombies in the horde. This means that at any moment you could be killed by a person in the horde pretending to be a walker and have no idea it’s coming. That’s what happened to Jesus when he was killed last season, and it’s one of the reasons that the group is so careful about the horde. They don’t want to antagonize people who can hide so well and, thus, are tougher to fight. It’s kind of like a form of guerrilla warfare. Even if you have better weapons at your disposal, it can be tough to fight people who are strategic at hiding and surprising you.

No one has any idea which walkers are real and which are the Whisperers (at least until they kill them.) That can cause a huge strategic disadvantage in a fight.

So this is a fight they’re hoping to avoid. But they can’t avoid it forever, and Judith’s discovery may indicate that a confrontation is closer than anyone thinks.

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